An option to save Custom Statuses


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  • Kyuun 👻

    Like profiles or something yea,

    Kinda like how the default ones work.

  • 🕳🤟xd_andrew🤟🕳

    Why is this getting downvoted

  • NiCkDee24

    that's what 'online - away - busy - invisible' is for lol.

  • caspercodybrody

    Yes please!! I often set my status to a mood I’m in and this would make it way easier!

  • Naheu「竜」

    yes, i was thinking of that, being able to save a custom status you often use like "reading" for example or "be back in 10min" without having to type it and selecting the icon every time

  • Ivory

    Totally Agreed. This should come handy and been wondering when they will implement it.


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