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  • almostsuspense
    ye why not tbh
  • Джонатан



  • purpzie

    It would be awesome if we could both the options to put in either a duration (days, hours, minutes) or a time (date, time) for it to expire. Hopefully done in a way that doesn't make it a hassle to set an expiration time, too. That way, it doesn't have to be specifically linked to a release or anything - just find out when it gets released and set it to expire at that time.

  • aykrivwassup

    I was just thinking of posting this myself!! I'm going to promote this!

  • ActuallyLegendaryBro

    Agree'd so, we can set a custom amount of time when our custom status should end. That would be really epic.

  • Alry FireBlade

    Why not Choosing an own time. I can set Days, Hours, minutes. That would be awesome.

  • HYPER NEKO(Darkfox)

    before knowing about this discord forum i directly messaged Discord's facebook page about this same thing. i wanted my sleeping status to clear after 12 hours.

  • Carrotoplia

    i Want this Too we should get this

  • Zapple

    I would like a custom time, but it's no absolutely necessary. However, at the very least, I'd like to see a 6 or 8 hours option, and a 2 hour option.

    Just a side note, I rarely have a need for a 24 hour custom status.

  • PraetoriaN

    Sorry for the semi-necro, but I concur. Was about to post my idea about almost the same when this topic popped infront of me.
    While I wouldn't ask for a completely custom text input possibility, I'd like a 8 and / or a 8,5 hour timer. With the COVID pandemic I guess many of us are working from home, so it would be handy for people like me who keep Discord running when in HomeOffice, with a custom status saying so.
    It looks weird (and a bit bad) that I'm running a game while I'm in "HomeOffice" status, even tho it's like 8 in the evening, hours after I stopped working, because I forgot to clear the custom status.

  • Squeaky Warrior

    I was about to post this as well. I really want options that are longer than 1 day but don't last forever, and the easiest way to do that works just make it customizable.

  • Java

    Was also just about to post this! 

    I always have discord open, so when I'm busy or hosting a session and can't respond as quickly, the best I can go for is the 4hrs option, when an 8hr, or 3hr or even a few days would be ideal for the situation. 

    Whilst I absolutely appreciate custom statuses, a custom time to go along with them would be absolutely awesome. 

  • Euthymia

    Beyond what everyone else said. We use Discord for Work From Home stuff, and set a custom status that clears in 30 minutes to let people know I'm on lunch. I wish I could set a similar status for 15 minute breaks.

    There's also a million other uses people could use it for. The current implementation is really limited.


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