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  • SplatSquid

    Hey !
    We don't have any boost with the 5$ nitro subscription. So it's not useless. We just have more perks with the 10$ nitro today

  • 🔞🌀GenesisTitan☢🔞

    In today update the beta testers saw the option, the 10$ now can double boost and the 5$ can boost once 

  • Ane

    They still cannot boost. They get a discount on buying boosts, but they do not get an individual boost for free.

  • chopscissors

    There's not really any benefits to Nitro vs Nitro Classic except for Server Boosting. And I have a feeling a lot of the plans that are grandfathered until Jan. 2020 are not gonna pay $10/month vs $5/month just for the ability to boost servers.

  • 🔞🌀GenesisTitan☢🔞

    There is no difference now.. Read the patch notes..


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