Overlay For Mac


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  • RPS1222
    As a previous mac user, this would be great!
  • littlej

    I am a mac book owner and I play TF2, Wizard101, and now starting online D&D. Having a Mac Book overlay would be wonderful. When I had my Windows computer overlay was so useful to talk to my friends quickly and still be able to see what is going on with my game. So Please allow overlay to be on macs. 

  • Tavlina

    How about that overlay for macOS.


  • cymru

    We need a Mac Overlay ... come on dev's  ....

  • andylikescandy

    There are multiple Windows "exclusive" features that could be implemented into Mac. Even my Samsung has some form of Discord overlay, I think that an overlay for Mac would be lovely.

  • nowe

    I wish there were a overlay for mac


  • Adventuross

    As a user who does discord on Mac, This would be a great addition!

  • Krofder

    Any progress on this? I frequently toggle between PC and Mac and find the lack of an overlay while playing WoW on my MacBook Pro very disappointing. It's been years of loyal users asking Discord to add this... will Mac users ever get some love? 

  • Brizzletron

    Please Discord!

  • ✧An Ura World✧

    Yes PLEASE this would be AMAZING DISCORD! I am a dedicated Mac user that bought Nitro and we NEED to  have an OVERLAY

  • MattModify

    I also feel this feature would be a great feature for those of us that use Mac OS and would still like the ability of having the feature of the overlay when recording videos/streaming etc. I'm not sure if Discord support actively checks these forums for what their community is asking for or not, but I wish they would.

  • Sen

    I just don't understand. How come Windows can have a overlay but Mac OS can't its just not right

  • Denim

    Hi Discord, I would also like a MacOS overlay please. Thanks!

  • JonnyMango

    theres another post also wanting a mac overlay. Let's make it 2 posts!


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