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  • Sweet

    Yes! PLEASE!
    I actually came on here JUST to suggest this!

    I help teach different people in different servers, and when I reply in one server, I go to another, and, with my ADD I can't for the life of me remember what server that previous channel was in. And I have to spend several minutes clicking through my list of servers. 

    It is intensely frustrating. 

    A way to search my last 10 posts / posts made in 24 hours across all servers would be extremely helpful. 

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  • KC

    What!?  They really don't have this?  It is another dark forum mechanism.

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  • raf22

    please add this feature

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  • LotroFanatic

    Yeh I just found out that this isn’t implemented yet. Lame.
    Trying to find my most recent messages across multiple servers. And multiple rooms is very frustrating. Please add message history to options!

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