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  • DarthSkadoosh

    TheOriginalGeoff I definitely don't get their logic behind the spam one because they already have multiple defenses against spam built into the app that work! (Notification settings of Nothing and @ only, as well muting things; individuals, channels, threads, etc) They took the time to build the all messages setting and then decided to just not tun it on.

    In my humble opinion the fact that they've applied it only to badge notifications, by far the least intrusive notification you could be spammed by and not like banner notifications or something, seems very counterintuitive. We all those people with like 1,407 unread emails and the big red badge to prove it, almost as big as the app lol

  • Nathan

    This is really frustrating for us on our server. The "spam" logic makes no sense, because if I have all notifications turned on for a server, I'm going to get *notified* about every response regardless, it just will only be on my lock screen.

  • Veikko Ruuskanen

    Hi! We would really need group notifications, too. With a small group for messaging to all, we use it pretty much like a whatsapp group, and it would be really crucial to have a notification of new message, as ALL OTHER MESSAGING APPS HAVE! We also use slack and whatsapp and both have that feature. After all, it is a selectable feature, so no-one can blaim that it would create any spam.

  • Jason T

    Adding my comment to the pile. This is a huge hurdle to getting almost any of my less-terminally-online friends to migrate to Discord and actually start using it consistently. I've created a server to basically function as a group chat with the extra features of multiple channels/voice. But many of them are either very light users or were even convinced to create an account just for this one server. The standard lock screen/banner notifications can easily get lost/forgotten if people don't have their notifications under control, and without a badge reminder they never remember to open the app. Discord is basically losing out on users by not having this capability. I'm pretty likely to have to find a different app to use all because of this one issue.

    The spam argument really doesn't make sense when Discord could easily make it an opt-in setting per server/channel.

  • Pascal Danek

    I am adding to this. As perfectly described by Jason T, my wife, which uses only mobile, does not know if there are some messages on the only server she is member of. Thus, she does not open the app, and misses everything. I don't understand the lack of this feature, as it is present on the desktop app by toggling the "unread messages badge" option in the user settings. The consequence of not having this red badge on IOS is that we will probably switch to Slack or equivalent.

  • missxb

    This is still not implemented 4 years later? It’s basic functionality on all other chat/social media apps. Let users decided what is spam by muting channels or users. Some of us want this feature and it makes no sense that this is ignored while paid features no one wants are being added. 


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