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  • Two

    There is currently api problems. https://status.discordapp.com
    If it continues to not work, check if your overlay settings is the way you want it to be and enable overlay.
    If it continues to not work, report the bug in https://discord.gg/discord-testers

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  • swiftestcat

    This isn't a bug. I was told it simply doesn't work with modded games. Let's all vote this up!

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  • RedCMD

    Discord doesn't auto-detect modded Minecraft
    But at the same time it does?

    You have to manually add Minecraft via the "add it!" button
    But if you restart Minecraft it doesn't auto detect it again
    And it doesn't show up in the "add it!"
    So you have to remove it from the "ADDED GAMES" list (which is bugged because it doesn't visually show that it got removed)
    Then readd it via "add it!" again
    Which has to be done every single time you restart Minecraft

    Even if the modded version is just Optifine, which only increases client performance


    Why does Discord not auto-show games that have already been added to the "ADDES GAMES" list
    It matches Minecraft to the game being listed, but doesn't enable the overlay for it

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  • gnili_paradajz

    swiftestcat: in previous versions of Minecraft (up to 1.14.4), it worked fine for me even with mods. So, I don't know.

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  • Uneasyarcher

    in 1.15 it wont even show the game for me

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  • castles of air

    @RedCMD - This is exactly the same issue I am having. I don't use a modified version of Discord. It happens on both of my computers. I've disabled hardware acceleration and my antivirus. I've made sure overlay is turned on. But this behavior persists no matter what modded version of Minecraft I use and I've tried several different clients of Minecraft. It's extremely annoying to have to readd it every time I launch the game. It's been over 7 months and I don't see any progress on this issue. Everyone else I have talked to about this has the same issue. 

    Regular, unmodded Minecraft works fine, but I do not use unmodded Minecraft. There are many people who use modded Minecraft. And obviously Discord is detecting that the game is running because you can't readd it unless you delete the of the game from game status (which says that it isn't running even though it is). 

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