Separate the clock display settings from the Language settings


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  • Kitsune Inari

    I strongly favour the latter. 12/24h clock is more a matter of personal preference than of national standards. If the program won't bother following system settings, then it should at least allow setting the clock display manually.

  • Sanii

    How isnt that already a thing lol

  • Vendor-Lazarus

    I have a very similar problem.

    My Discord language preference is UK (because that's the only one that uses a 14:34 clock).
    My computers language is set to US.
    My keyboard is recognized as a Swedish one, and That's the one Discord defaults to for some weird reason!!?

    Separate clock and language, and honor the in-program choice. How is that so hard?

    (Yes, I've switched to US and back to UK in the program.
    I've turned spellcheck off and on, and I've restarted Discord.
    Nothing works.)

  • untitled username

    Go to Discord > Settings > Language > English (US). This will change that 24-hour format to 12-hour format.

  • pack

    Pairing hour preference to user language is asinine. Slack does it as well.
    Please have separate options.

  • Jhericho

    Plus the lack of an English (Canadian) language option is a shameful and frankly insulting omission. Canadian English isn't like American or UK English, and considering the horrible issues with getting Discord to add words to the spellcheck that aren't in the database it uses for the selected language is horrible.

    Add to that the fact that time and date format needs to be customizable, and is very easy to code, Discord's overlooking both these issues is shameful.

  • Jirou

    It’s a bit silly, honestly. I’m from Australia. We use UK English, yet we use 12-hour format. Why being able to switch the clock settings isn’t an option is honestly really stupid

  • davo

    I totally agree, they should add this feature.
    A simple setting like:
    Time format: 12h or 24h
    Date format:  dd/mm/yyyy or mm/dd/yyyy

  • Vendor-Lazarus

    2021/06/15 18:00:00

  • libby

    Aussie here. 12 hour clock is what we use. UK language is what we use. Why even is your clock setting based on your language setting? I could understand date layout or measurement preferences, but clock?! Please, please make clock user-set instead of automatic. I don't want to suffer through dropping a bunch of u's and aluminium being spelled wrong just because I want 12-hour time! ;.;

  • scorpion221

    Switched from US to UK to have "day/month/year" on old messages rather than switching month and day and to have the correct spell check, but now it uses 24 hour time. Would be nice if it was a seperate setting.

  • Joliver

    I’m from the UK and pretty much everyone I know uses 12 hour time. It makes no sense that it’s linked to language.

  • Кхео

    I am from the states, but for some reason use UK English.

    I used the 12 hour clock though…

    So I have no idea as to why Discord does this in the first place!


  • gohan_rage

    I also would like to know why I have to change from US English to UK English for discord to stop saying my Canadian Spelling its wrong and now I have 24 hour clock. i know if you take a time after 12. like 13 and you take away 12. it will give you normal time 1PM. but that takes too long. you can also go in the reverse take time 1-12 PM and add 12 to make it 24 hour time. Canadians have UK English but use 12 hour time. only the armed forces use a 24 hour clock. I really need this to be changed do not like discord message time stamps being in 24 hour time instead of 12 hour time

  • yfilc

    Bump, add separate options please. Ridiculous that this is even a question

  • Luxferre

    Time format must be a separate setting, independent of the language. Anything else is a straight up bad design.

  • Matt O

    The annoying thing for me, is that I either have it set to US language so that it’s 12h, or UK language, so that that date is d/m/y not m/d/y.

  • platinumazure

    As we've seen with Australian users (UK English but 12 hour time), as well as any Americans such as myself who prefer 24-hour time, the current system is simply not good enough.

    This should either be an option for users, or Discord should default to operating system settings.

    Please reconsider!

  • Jhericho

    This isn't the only thing that Discord went to the bother of deliberately bypassing operating system defaults, and frankly, I'm mystified as to why they went to all the trouble for something that no one actually likes.

    Defaulting to the system time/date format/system and defaulting to the system file save format/system would have been way easier to code than what Discord has done, and it's done nothing but annoy users, or in many cases, lose Discord users altogether.

    Given that Discord is a free resource, it's not like we can demand these changes, but it is very boggling as to why they would want to go to the extra bother to implement things that are contrary to what the vast majority of users want.

    Honestly, it strikes me as little more than self-sabotage of their platform.

  • davo

    While we wait for Discord to fix this, you can get the CompleteTimestamps plugin to fix this problem, on PC at least.

  • Technically Better Discord and other clients are against TOS and though the likelyhood of getting banned is low if you don't spambot or anything Discord should still either not fight against it or provide the major features in it.

  • Thero Layfer

    changing locale to change time format is totally not a solution. you either should follow system time format settings configurable in windows settings or provide your own toggle for time format.

  • timid

    Bumping! I use 24-hour clock on my device and I find it confusing when I see 12-hour timestamps on my Discord.

  • Jhericho

    Are they still ignoring this issue?

  • Kitsune Inari

    It certainly seems like they are.

  • Jambe

    Hi hello. This is very ungood software design.

    I need 24-hour clock timestamps on messages, but I speak American English. I want American English autocorrect (no offense to my lovely Commonwealth friends).

    Either pull from system settings, or, one better: do as the author of this feedback suggested, and make Language and Clock Format separate options.


  • Jhericho

    By failing to even acknowledge, let alone address this and many other issues, the creators of Discord have made it very clear they don't give a damn about customer service or addressing the issues its actual users have. Whatever is setting their agenda, it has nothing to do with User Satisfaction.

  • Aleron

    I'm in the US and from a military background. I would like to see the ability to change my time to a 24-hour format without changing the language to UK English. I prefer words like favorite vs favourite and color vs colour. 

    Not to be negative, but I don't think anyone from Discord reads these. It's unfortunate. 

  • iLL Hunter

    It's great  that discord setup this place where good ideas go to die


    Years later, Discord still fails to ignore the system settings and ties the clock format to some arbitrary value like language. 


    Is someone going to get off their ass and fix this?


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