Backspace Glitch (Solution Found)


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  • ih8pkmn

    This is happening to me to, and it's driving me up the wall. I don't know what's causing it, but it desperately needs a fix.

  • Vio



    After coping with this for a long time, it seems that the dynamic italics/bold was causing it

    This is a beta feature that for me, was turned on without me having ever clicked it

    If you go into settings and "Text & Images" You can turn off the beta 'text box' feature to fix it

  • Daenerys

    Thank you!!

    Let us all hope they fix this and resolve the bug rather than pulling it out of beta and dooming us all.

  • acoolrocket

    Worked for me too, mega thanks!

  • Inari Lu | Trap

    I have turned it off, yet it still doesn't allow me to use backspace from time to time. In the last 1 hour alone, I've had to close my discord app on my desktop numerous times already. Discord on browser also seems to have the same problem, and it is honestly quite annoying. Anybody here that experiences the same problem or has any solution for it? Any help would be very much appreciated

  • Vio

    Inari Lu | Trap

    I have never experienced turning it off not working, but recently when I had to log back in on browser, it was automatically turned back on, so I wonder if it keeps turning itself back on for you without even needing to log out and back in?

    Best I can rec is to check it each time it happens to see if it’s turning back on or something. If that’s not it, sadly I have no idea...


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