A proposal to solve BetterDiscord (and other client mods)


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  • Alzhe

    That's a good idea. But just the official part of BetterDiscord in Discord.
    Just don't be like AminoApps, though, making everything pay. Limit, reserve it to Classic or Nitro users, at least it gives us an extra feature.

  • Majorsloth13

    Great Idea. It'd be like having Betterdiscord but officially implemented. Like the comment above mine says, please don't make us pay for themes and plugins have it available to all discord users and don't restrict it to certain users like Nitro users because not everyone can get Nitro. And again love the idea for the fix for the Betterdiscord problem.

  • CG360

    If they're able to approve and deny people selling games through discord, why not plugins? Honestly being able to extent the commands built into the client would be cool, so would be opening up themes. Custom themes shouldn't be harmful if they make it right like heck, if someone wants an NSFW theme, they could make it themselves if the client allows it.

  • jakubk15

    Good idea.

  • Isaiah ツ

    I like this idea, though I don't see a need to have to filter themes. I do agree that there should be a store, and that could be filtered, but if you're uploading a theme that will be there only for you to say I don't see why it being NSFW would be a problem.

  • JBM

    UPDATE: We are now a step closer! Public server listing is now built into Server Discovery. All we have left are plugins and themes.

  • DivinityUnleashed

    I really hope Discord adds custom themes that are free and not a premium feature.

  • Xadsszap

    Why not just make it a setting that we can change the chat backgrounds to whatever color/image/gradient/themes. We want I can understand moderating plugins but is making changing the image elements of discord to a random image gonna compromise it's security?

  • JBM

    BetterDiscord doesn't just change the image background, though. It's full CSS customization.

    Either way? No. It's why it gets reviewed first.

  • JBM

    EDIT: Making this easier to read, and expanding on the idea.

  • 💙Lupix/Nix💙

    This Idea Seems Amazing

  • EthanF44

    How does BetterDiscord break TOS?

  • Resetium

    By modifying Discord's code, allowing for malicious programs to be executed in the context of the discord app, etc etc your account gets stolen, and there's nothing discord can do because you're the one who hacked yourself.

  • Div_100

    Great idea

  • Div_100

    @Discord should implement it.

  • pitust

    try pasting this onto custom CSS:


  • pitust


    I forgot a colon

  • pitust

    Oh wait ot got filtered out

  • HESE

    For the love of God please don't restrict themes it to nitro & classic, perhaps plugins... but not themes. This should be a community gift/update and if you do so people will just flock back to BetterDiscord because after all, they wanted themes for free... and didn't wait years for Discord to add them just to make them pay for something that was already free.

  • Zastrix

    I agree with most of the people here, make CSS edits free for all users (ergo having free themes). For instance I really don't like having these circle-like PFPs. That'd just expand the look of Discord and just make it beautiful and for everyone to have it custom tailored to their taste.

    And have custom plugins be a paid feature, hell even if it was full-nitro that's be okay (I'm a classic nitro user just for instance).

  • pitust

    Custom plugins can't be a paid feature, or we have the exact same problem. BD is still a thing, and still will be there.

  • Zastrix

    The problem currently is that there is no way of getting plugins or themes officially, not whether they're free or not.

    If themes were free and plugins not, you'd still be able to have a choice of having plugins by simply supporting Discord.

    I live in a 3rd world country and if I can pay for nitro, anyone with internet can as well.

    If you were using BD simply because you don't want to pay for a feature which is implemented to the original, well, that's on you.

  • TheKillerBunny

    I would love if this was a thing, I really want to use betterdiscord but i also really don't want my account terminated

  • F0RRE$T

    Yeah all of the above

  • Zarev

    So is this getting implemented at all? Has been months old and doesn't seem like any of the discord staff have acknowledged this

  • Corry

    I'm fully on board with this!

    As intriguing as BetterDiscord looks, I don't use it because of the ToS and security issues.

    But a lot of us just want the freedom to customize our themes. Jump even further passed your competition and let us have more customizable interfaces.

    If you want to lower the rate of ToS violations, you would satisfy the consumers by giving us what we want. I don't see why this is still a protest, because the biggest reason people use BetterDiscord is because of some harmless theme configurations.

    Discord's our place to talk and it would feel more like home if we can customize our themes.

  • SylvaThief

    If Discord just gave us what we want all this time, they surely would make users evade breaking ToS more often, tho, i have never seen someone being actually punished for this, but it can happen any time.


    And like everyone says, make ATLEAST the themes free, the plugins wouldn't matter so much if it was behind Nitro, but if themes were, that would be HORRIBLY GREEDY.

    Please Discord, if you're gonna accept this proposal, DON'T PUT IT BEHIND A PAYWALL, for once add what users want, if you do that horrible decision, you're only gonna enforce users to break the ToS more than they should.

  • Qaiser

    discord should take off betterdiscord >:v

  • uaso

    Discord should totally add a theme feature for users!


  • Pudini

    This is a great idea!


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