Account disabled for TOS violation


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  • BonJ

    You can basically give up buddy, Discord support team is a whole group of lazy people and they won't bother giving us a professional answer or an actual response
    With that said, once your account is disabled with or without reasons, no matter you actually did it or not, the account is lost forever and there's no hope of recovering it.

  • Jesus, this is depressing. i just got my account disabled, and I had ALOT of stuff on it. I used it for school, to talk with friend etc. Now I pretty much lost my whole friend list. 

  • Talin

    This has just happened to me on the 10th. They have sent me an email stating that they will not be reinstating my account. I have done absolutely nothing wrong, the reason that they have deactivated my account is the same as this post and I've had that account for 3 years with tons of servers and friends that I have on it, that account means so much to me and the fact that I've lost it when I did nothing wrong to begin with is utterly unacceptable.

  • reii

    Hello my account has been disabled for no reason whatsoever even when I asked what tos did I violate I get no response I will be suing if I don’t get a answer or a clear response my account means so much to me


    also I’m currently on my alt 

  • Rafaël

    Hey thanks for the reply !
    Well I suspected that the support was not open to discussion, nonetheless I can't just simply give up, its an important account associated with a bunch of servers & people (friends) & it will be a great loss for me, so I must continue to try before it get deleted...
    (+ Apparently some people have managed to recover their accounts, so maybe if I continue to force the discussion, they will agree for a talk, after all I can't stay on such a judgment...)

  • V_U2

    I know right? i've been trying to get my account back after having the exact same issue

  • mtrap

    Apparently I got banned for "malicious hacking, fraud, account or credit card cracking, and/or attempting to damage a computer network or machine". I had so much stuff on there and I even owned a server with 3000 people. What should I do now. I emailed support and they said that since I broke TOS they will not reinstate my account. I don't know why they said I was "Hacking". I'm genuinely curious as to what evidence they have of me doing these activities

  • Avalor

    I do feel you all, my account was recently disabled for interacting with people who were underaged. (I didn’t). But basically me and a couple friends joined a server where a girl was selling pictures and she’s 14, we joined and reported it. But we didn’t leave and all of us got disabled and we haven’t got our accounts. Anyone wanna help me understand why?

  • jonathanbj1977jr

    I know this is old but I have same problems just yesterday (and I AM INNOCENT!!)

    someone charged 5 times in a row $ 9.99 my discord account by paypal for nitro and they say "We've found your account to be in violation of our Terms of Service or Community Guidelines" and then disable my account, really ?? do I contact support

    As always, the victims are harmed, thanks to the companies that without asking, without investigating, without knowing anything, the first thing they do is ban, close or disable the account of people who do not deserve it.
    the company does not look at the work, effort, sweat and time that for years people spend in their work, we lose friends, contacts, servers ect ect for one simple reason company take measures WITHOUT KNOWING if it is the right thing or not!
    * Discord is focused on maintaining a safe and secure environment for our community = ok, so how does someone charge me $50 usd in just one minute? is that safe??
    * We've found your account to be in violation of our Terms of Service or Community Guidelines. = how do you know if is me??? is discord fortune tellers??
    ** As a result, we've disabled your account for the following reason: =
    why ?? without investigating first?? kill first ask later right ??
    * If you believe the chargebacks were made in error = yes is a huge mistake and i need my account and all my work of 6 years back please and thanks!
    no one in their right mind is going to pay 5 times for the same service
    and if discord investigate will see that I stopped paying nitro and all kinds of services long time ago.

  • Roger-Roger

    Old but I too have the exact same problem, my main Discord account was suspended the other day for "dehumanizing or discriminatory content or incited violence towards an individual or community." I still do not know where this came from or what caused it to be suspended. I made an inquiry to Discord Support hoping to get it back after learning about the part of the TOS that I somehow broke at some point, a member of support called Maggie replied and gave me a robotic reply that didn't explain anything and just told me that my account would remain suspended because it broke TOS. I am still as confused as I was at the start of this whole mess and the Discord Support have hardly helped in the slightest, it might have been their bot just putting on a blindfold and just spinning around with the ban-hammer and banning whoever it hits without thought or reason other than a generated garble of "TOS-Breaking". I do not think I will be able to get my main account back because of how Discord Support will likely just throw me to the damn wayside again and suspend this account as well just for a gag.

    I made a second inquiry to Support and I hope that they look into it this time and not just take a quick glance at it and decide right away after seeing the TOS break part and go "Hmmmm, suspended for something he does not even know about? GUILTY! GUILTY! GUILTY! GUILTY!"

  • Bady

    Wait why not I make a new messaging website like discord

  • Olives

    I recently got my account disabled and discord staff has been ignoring all my emails, though i emailed them 3 or 4 times and they dont even look into it. On the other hand, it is time I say goodbye to my other account and I am pushing one final attempt to get my account back. Discord staff are a group of lazy and incompetent people who use bots to run their support system which makes it even more ironic. I am starting to lose hope in discord gradually.  As a platform, they should do better and get some help. But if that one final attempt goes to waste, so does my luck in getting my account back. However, Discord provides no service to their customers and I at least should be getting some type of response, shows how discord is a terrible platform to use. But i really hope i get my account back because im just pissed off really. 

  • Rafaël

    Sorry, but I can't help you mate, unfortunately, they refused to do anything & ultimately deleted my account, I hope they will fix yours if you're innocent but honestly, you should create another account since it is likely that they won't do something :'(

  • DeathByZombie

    this sucks 

  • Pb boi

    Hello my account was disabled today and I don't know why, I agree that I spammed a lot but it was in spam channels and I agree I have threatened someone but not to death or any such reason. Ya even I joined giveaway servers very quickly. It's my fault I will make sure it won't happen in future. Can I please get my account back?

  • You know why the Trust and Safety Team appears to be 'lazy'? It's because they're bots, automated bots. They're bots and kept saying the same answer, stated "We will not reinstate the account". See, Clyde is a bot, and Clyde sent us an email about violation or whatsoever. Discord is where artificial intelligence begins. They're not even humans. That's what I knew.

  • abstertrek22

    I'm Wasteland nomad#6467 on discord and yesterday i got a notice saying my account was disabled for violating the TOS and guidelines, claiming i was sending threats and inciting harassment, yet they won't explain when and where i ever incited harassment and they're saying it won't be reinstated. Seriously, what the hell. 

  • Petu

    Ive been a user for 7 years, had nitro for ages, no violations whatsoever the entire time, then I say one thing on a "protected" server, not even too bad, and they perm ban my ip address from using discord, I sent 3 emails and the same bot replied with the same message every time. Discord has proper issues, this needs to get fixed asap, I spent hundreds of dollars on discord bots, had 400+ contacts and tons of servers.

  • Itachi Uchiha

    Discord Is just bots playing around, the staff is not even replying to me.. For my refund on nitro.. this is pure stupidity and I am slowly losing trust on discord.. I had no problems with discord at first but now i am thining of switching to Skype.. This is very annonying and they are basically scamming you because you had nitro and then just the third day they disable it..

  • Kaizer_Ken

    I have a friend who owns a server that was banned because he complained about someone stealing his personal information. As he wanted to scare him, he said some things he shouldn't have, and the fraudster took advantage of this to get him suspended.

    Unfortunately once suspended, the next move will be a lifetime ban.

  • adrimay🩹✨🍓

    i understand this. my account was disabled for “operating a server that facilitated with dating for users under 18” but this is false. i’m not the owner and not have i been in any servers of the sort. I recently told people to back off because i was being harassed into sending pictures of myself. I reported the false accusation to discord support and they basically said it was my fault and they wouldn’t reinstate my account, so i messaged them again and i am currently waiting for a response. but this is a serious issue, people who get mad report others for false accusations and it creates problems, this needs to be fixed..

  • Rxzer

    My account was Disabled last night for literally the other person doing the actions. I recently emailed them and was told,”Your account was disabled for violating our Terms of Service or Community Guidelines. We will not reinstate the account.”. They did not read over what I read them at all. I hope discord loves losing their members for other peoples actions.

  • Kridtakarn

    my old Discord account has been deleted since 2018 and their support does not restore it until now. they said like they have detected something it was violated their term of use or their community guideline which i don't know and i NEVER do in my account.

    i sent several messages to their abuse support via e-mail several times. they answered me like they were a robot. just refund my remaining Discord Nitro subscription to PayPal and just tell "they will not reinstalling my account"

    i am using my alternate e-mail to post this feedback because i cannot use my main e-mail which was registered to my old Discord account. it seem like Discord feedback website has blocked this e-mail. while i was trying to login Discord feedback with this e-mail, i saw url, that show "INVALID EMAIL"

    there are Early Supporter badge and a lot of friend and server in my account. that make me can't move on much to that account.

  • GashX

    I might even quit discord entirely and use another platform.

  • Ikr. This is my another acc. I apperently lost it all in my main acc. Someone just hacked into my acc, and started spamming all over with a link. And i literally contact the discord team. no one even respond. Apperently i just lost it all. My server, my friend, my ibfs. ;-; And yk what makes me more hot- boiling? THE PERSON WHO REPLY ME APPARENTLY IS A BOT! WTF IS WRONG WITH DISCORD TEAM?!!!!

  • If im losing my this acc (me using my another acc), i might rather quit discord and just use another platform

  • kagami..//Yoimiya's fireworks

    A few days back,I went to discord to see that I've been logged out.I tried to login but it said that my account has been disabled.I checked my email to see that my account has been disabled because I violated TOS guidelines.I reported about it to discord many times but the reply was the same.They sent me the same automated messages all the time.I created a new one and found out that someone hacked my account and sent fake discord nitro to all my friends.So, my account got disabled.Later,I even reported about this to discord but I got the same automated message again.Later I found out that somebody from Russia bypassed my security and hacked the account.

  • Pear™

    jfc I have the same issue-
    my friend's account was hacked and the person/bot behind their acc created a gc and spammed a fake nitro link, and even tho I left the gc I don't know how tf my account still got hacked.
    the next morning, I wake up to check msgs and welp my acc has been disabled.
    this happened about 12-14 days ago and I have submitted about 4-5 tickets, most of them weren't replied back to and 2 of them have the same replies
    like wtf, I have all my school data and friend-list and not to mention bot coins and stuff uploaded up there and they are just gonna delete it?
    at least let me retrieve my data from there or transfer it to my new account

    I always thought discord was like the best chatting platform but after such an incident I would honestly like to change my opinion, and I'm not the only one who lost my acc due to the same issue
    at least 30 more people would have lost their accounts cuz of this, I can bet my life

    honestly, first the shitty update and now this
    discord keeps worsening 
    ik humans can't be available 24/7 for replies but when you say "Support Team" i actually hope for a bunch of professionals to read alphabets and solve my problem and not for a blue mongrel bot to send me automated msgs again and again

  • Guy Smiley (Alternate)

    I tried to explain that my Discord account got hacked but I to get the same automated message every single time and that makes me very mad.

  • Olives

    Just got the news boys and discord will not be able to recover my account or further reinstate it. This is just clear bs from the staff who think it's ok to ban a innocent user. I was once even a nitro subscriber and had ample amount of badges on my account, and discord staff hasn't even refunded me for the original purchase because I spent real godamn money on the platform. Clear bs from discord staff going around banning innocent users. The next step is to accept and move on.


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