iOS Notifications should properly clear when messages are viewed


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  • Gustave

    +100000000000. Example of failing behavior of discord :

    Already made 2 support tickets in 2 years about that. I got human robots answering basically « to disable notifications on iOS, go there and do that » ... in loop. They are not even reading what we are sending there.

    Please fix that bug discord team. This is a bug. Not a feature request. Every other application behaves like that.

  • @Gustave Sadly the Discord team appears very reluctant to say or do anything when it comes to functionality provided by the OS (e.g. sharing, notifications). It's disappointing. I thought this would be a much better process, given how good they are at writing release notes. They make it sound like people from outside their organization actually succeed in their requests for bugfixes, but nothing I've reported has ever been fixed, even with a support rep telling me they'd pass the issue along to "the team", which I now know is just another way of saying "I don't care about your problem and I'd like to get on with my life."


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