[BUG] Infinite Scroll Embed (Android)


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  • CloudTheWolf

    Found this to be caused by having no Author (Just a space) being set on

  • diggforbeer

    My bot that's written in C# is having the same issue with embeds on android. I wasnt setting an author at all before reading this post. I updated it to pass something in, and it's still happening

  • Schatttenlord

    Same bug with me on Antroid 9 with 12.5. I have now used a workaround and filled the author with ________ in the desired width.

  • psy

    Late, but I'm having the exact same issue and haven't found a workaround that works for me.

  • Typhoon

    Same here, still not fixed. Display width of the embed seems to be set according to a non-field element of the embed (I had nothing but fields in my embed). So I added a description taking the width I wanted. Not very convenient, but it works with this workaround.




  • NPC

    We'd all love a fix!

  • Michele Di Vincenzo

    Same here: my bot in javascript sends some embeds to display a list.
    Since my list is long, I have multiple embeds: one every 25 fields. The first one and the last are displayed correctly since they have a title/description and a footer (respectively).
    The ones in the middle are just fields and they are bugged. 

    Workaround by Typhoon worked for me: dummy description set. Not so elegant, but whatever.

    I hope they'll fix this

  • convict

    one fix for this which helped me:

    it seems that if you set addField inline value to "true", you can for example make .setAuthor("----------")

    add as many dashes as you need for your longest String to fit, example :


    asd asd adddasd asd asd


    and to make it more elegant you can add footer with same dashes

    I checked on mobile, it seems everything was more or less accurate that way without infinite scrolling

  • NPC

    Users have gotten the new update which includes a fix for this.

    However, it is not fixed. They still experience the bug on mobile devices both android and apple.

    Re: Convict, unfortunately adding spam to the embed is unattractive, displays inconsistently on different devices, and is simply impractical as a solution across 24 bots with 5,000+ commands. 

    Re: CloudTheWolf, I do not have a space in the author field. Either there is no author field content, or else there is author and author image set. Issues persist.


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