Intrusive Reactions and More


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  • Spyder

    Agree 100%. Discord please put it back to the way it was, you don't need to fix something that wasn't broken in the first place.

  • kira_defender_69

    Absolutely hate this update. I will genuinely leave the platform if I keep having to see pogchamp every time I scroll over a message.

  • LEGO Yoda

    This update hurts the very nature of the platform. I am trying to write something to a friend or another person and I see emotes like rent or pogchamp. You have to think about the intrusion it could have on users. If this remains I will leave the platform I have been a  part of for years. 

  • Remixx

    The new UI feels cluttered and messy. It didn't need a change, and it was perfect before. I don't react to messages often. Or, at least, not often enough to need a bulky floating emoji bar hovering over every single message. The highlighting gets annoying very fast, and it's unbearable when scrolling. Not to mention, it's extremely distracting

    The space between the messages feels odd now, and they seem way too close together, and unseparated. It doesn't feel "cozy" like what it's set on. It feels like compact, but with profile pictures. 

  • DarthProteus

    Fixing what ain't broke

  • aquiluus

    Haven't experienced the effects of the new update myself but by reading the comments left I don't doubt there is a serious problem with the update. That being said, I support the idea to revert the update to a previous update so that other Discord users that are experiencing problems aren't having their experience on Discord taken away from them.

  • The Nose

    Make this some setting you can toggle on or so. I also dislike the new reactions 

  • frytime

    My feelings are the same on this particular addition of the latest update. The reaction box is intrusive, unnecessarily large and can actually block parts of older messages from being read. I've already found myself "reacting" to posts that I had no intention to add an emoji reaction to. Even if the developers would like to keep this feature, there should be an option in the settings to toggle/disable it. 

  • Guardian_Theobroma

    @frytime More importantly, an option to disable this poor choice of UI design, without disabling the ability to rightclick -> add reaction, and the ability to see all reactions. Which is what you have to currently to get rid of it. It's like they want people to stop using reactions, so are making it as annoying as possible so people just turn it off.

  • frytime

    @Guardian_Theobroma I agree, reactions themselves are fine and can be fun to use! Really, the way they had it before was the way go.

  • Cry-Anton | Fizyx

    for me it's even worse: i can only see a thumbs-up reaction, and no other options (i.e. not just emojis - can't edit the message, for instance). i can "fix" it by disabling "show emoji reactions on messages", but at the expense of, well, losing emoji reaction on messages


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