New UI is god awful


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  • Г-дин Куќа

    Totally agree. The constant emoji suggestions are insanely annoying, I need a quick way to edit a message, not add reactions. Even when I actually try to use it I constantly click the message above it because it keeps moving up. We definitely need an option to revert this.

  • calcium🎃

    Agreed, i have no idea how this idea passed through. Constantly misclicking on the emotes is a huge new problem that we really did not need.


  • swagnamite1337

    it wouldn't be half as bad if the mouse hovering over messages didn't look so goddamn awful

  • Amaresse

    It's almost impossible to actually follow a conversation now that the messages are compacted together, and hovering over messages darkens them which means it's infinitely harder to get a good screenshot :(

  • Littleslinky

    i sorta went insane over the new look aka hated it because ya know, sorta hate stuff when the design changes

  • Jafoof

    yo who wanna make a skype group this update is trash

  • Clemont

    Agreed, this update is awful


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