The February 2020 UI is kinda shit


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  • HelixProxy

    There's legitimately no need for this "quick reaction" garbage bar on the side. There was already a little ghosted icon next to other reactions that popped up, and one on the side. This is REALLY intrusive. The lack of horizontal rule makes it look sloppy, my posts that are one after another are now spaced up eating up vertical real estate on the screen. The only recent UI change I liked was the pop up that let you highlight something to bold, italicize, etc it. This really isn't necessary. The auto-highlight is jarring. The "new messages" line is jarring.

    As OP said, don't fix what isn't broken, please. PLEASE revert this. It's a headache of a UI. Too much is going on already with your program.

  • a new man

    Plus nitro gifting button so great


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