The new UI update: the good and the bad, in an actual feedback format instead of deliberate slander


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  • ph0sgene

    i mostly agree with this. please bring back spacers..

  • Remixx

    Coming back here since I see there's a mockup idea! While I do agree with the fact that it looks nice, the reaction and see more option still seems obtrusive. I liked the old ones because they almost blended in, but they were obvious enough to notice. I guess I just don't like the idea of it being like a popup with a background? 

    It was simpler before, and I feel like it'd be hard to integrate this new "style" with that idea. 

  • Book

    Oh my god thank goodness. I couldn't tell what was missing from the new update I just knew it felt really cramped and claustrophobic and it was making me feel really anxious. Like SERIOUSLY anxious.

    The lines.

    The LINES!!!

    Please PLEASE bring them back, for my poor anxiety issue ridden heart ;_;

  • Lucy

    I hope it's alright if I add on more changes that I like / have mixed feelings about.

    1. Thanks for adding the option to save image previews directly in Discord!
    Although in some cases, I still need to open the image, because it does not get directly saved as the proper file type (had to open a PNG file in the browser, or it'd save without any specific file type).


    2. I really like how the new mention highlight looks when it is applied to a user's first message, how it extends to cover the left side with the small bookmark. It also adds an illusion of dividers between messages that spacing alone (without lines) cannot give.


    However, I think it looks a bit out of place when it highlights a message thereafter. The message looks like it is floating, with that white space to the side. I am not sure if it'd be better to do a mix of the new design + previous design, or if this change should be left alone.


    3. A friend of mine mentioned that the new design for compact mode now includes the user's name on every line, instead of once on the side, which is obnoxious if their name is very long. I also feel like this change disrupts the alignment of messages, especially with the lack of line dividers, which gives conversations a very chaotic look.


    4. I have to get used to the new order of menu options ("Mark Unread" being where "Edit Message" was), but I think it is good that it appears closer to where I clicked. ^ - ^b Just a matter of breaking habit.


    I am sure I will get used to the changes, but I hope this feedback can prove helpful.

  • CosmicRot

    I just wanna say as someone with autism this entire change gives me a huge headache. 
    The fact that messages sent by the same person are now farther apart but messages sent by different people are now closer to messages by other people is horrible and stresses my eyes out to read them. 
    The hovering and giant react tab too gives me a headache cause every time I try to move my mouse over something it quickly pops up/hovers and then goes away and that's very jarring. 

    Also how the new blocked messages look is REALLY disconnected from the overall look and "theme" of discord. I frankly think it's super annoying and jarring as well that if you're anywhere near the blocked message it highlights the "show messages" even though you have to be directly over the text to get to it. 

    I really want the new message line to have "new" be centered instead of right aligned, but other than that as long as it had better padding I'd be fine with it. I do really want the look of the old blocked messages back though, just have them be a bit thinner or something.

  • TheMarkus1204

    Although there have been a lot of Updates last week (at least 10) these things are still UNCHANGED... xD

    The "Active Now" bar is still present, Emoji suggestions for reactions are still there and there are still no horizontal lines to separate messages / message groups! They only added an option to vary the space between message groups but that just it!

    Really disappointed, especially when you think about Privacy Violations that come with "Active Now"! (See other Threads from "Chase" for it!)

  • Martind Forlon

    Nicely written OP! ... I hope people in the discord team have read it few times and will do some corrections. Especially that reaction bar is tragic, it annoys me constantly when I use discord on PC. I even started think about use some other communication tool, but I still have some hope that it will be removed, or maked optional. I can imagine that it can be usable, if configurable, and mainly if it would be better positioned! ... I really fail to see any positive logic in obscuring messages with this bar, when I only move mouse over them, ... however if it was meant to make people annoyed, then it worked 100% :)

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