Really don't like this new mousover highlighting


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  • Kougeru

    it's awful and hideous +1

  • General Javert ⚜

    Give us an option please, discord is the best social media and the one i hold the most in my heart, but this update really disappointed me, BRING BACK MY LINES *Crys in the corner* RIP Lines

  • Davnik

    I don't need to see emojis which are unrelated to the emotion of a given message, without seeking them out. It ruins the mood, and it's visually jarring, same as the abrupt message highlighting. These features work better when they're represented with a seamless in-line presentation, like a small grey face instead of a fat emphatic panel, or a line of in-line text rather than a neon arrowhead. The beauty of Discord has always been its smart and streamlined presentation, and this is just... gratuitous. Make it optional, or take it out, but don't settle for this poor UX.


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