Pop-up reactions and Highlighting make a pleasant user experience impossible


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  • Star

    Completely agree, The reaction bar is way too large and the recent emotes just makes it even larger, It often blocks text so I need to constantly move my mouse away anytime I try to read.

  • SkyLight Gaming

    Oh my gosh why do you all hate this update? It looks better at least with the highlighting messages, because i personally sometimes struggle deleting the right message it's far more annoying to try and find the message, Ya'll need to stop complaining by now and get over it. They aren't gonna remove it, case closed.

  • ProSoup

    please give a option to revert it this update sucks


  • Brenzicure

    Yeah. At least give us an option to disable the highlighting. I'm also not a fan of the lesser space between the last message sent and the message bar. Having that bigger space between them was easier on the eyes. Everything is so cluttered now.

  • illirica

    The new pop-up reactions are really obtrusive.  I don't need to see those same three emoji on every single line as I'm scrolling through a very active server.  Good UI design is sensible and subtle - this is neither.

  • Gary

    The new message is also triggering me as it doesn't show the profile picture if there's a separation between the new message and the user. So if someone has been ranting and you click off it doesn't display a second profile picture which disappears when you type out your message. Just a pet peeve but I would like it fixed too!

  • Dual Helix

    For something so common in the app like moving the mouse over messages it makes a rather clunky experience. Having a popup that is large and so pronounced distracts from what you are doing. The reason the old system worked is because the reaction button was just a gray little thing that was one with the message area. With the new update that is not the same, It is now a large popup that extends outside of the line of text, which for interaction with a single message out of 5 someone sent without interruption the popup is useless due to being out of line.


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