Option to opt-out showing Activity


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  • TheMarkus1204

    Really now: I do NOT want to see if e.g. a friend is online and listens to spotify what song he is listening to! Nor do I want my friends to see what I am doing regardless of whether I am online or invisible!

    You can not force us to opt-in if we don't want to do that. I mean... you can but is it legal? No! Not everyone wants to appear in that bar. So please - give us an option to OPT OUT!

  • Richie

    opting out does not disable this function from your discord, which is what we really want: For Discord to NOT be gathering info like that in the first place!

  • TheMarkus1204

    Right! It does NOT disable this function BUT it will be a step in the right direction. Because IF you opt-out, no one will be able to see you there as Discrod will totaly ignore what you are doing!

    TBH: I don't expect the devs to roll back those changes as of a Twitter Post they made shortly after the Update! So, yeah... I at least want to have the option to decide being displayed there or not!


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