A new kind of DM: DMs with Discord Bots


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  • PRIZ ;]

    this should just be the default, with no special ui

  • DarthStroyer

    > Admin permissions for the bot as if it was in a server (clearing reactions, deleting user messages)

    This would be particularly cool!

  • LeptoSpira

    I agree, I really hope discord considers this as it opens up a lot of new opportunities for bot creators.

  • BlueZ

    No hell no bots goin in to dms averting random NSFW Servers that jo one cares about ...

  • ||||

    good idea! shall also allow mixed groups (e.g. with 2 humans and 3 bots)

  • Brody Merritt

    I like what Johann Lau mentioned, where you can have members and bots in a group chat, like if you and your friends wanted synced music using Groovy, Rythm, or other amazing Music bots

  • foxygamer22

    BlueZ nobody liked that


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