someone hacked my account


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  • Strxwmochi

    My discord just got hacked into today and they changed my email so I cannot get back in. Can someone please help me?

  • Pakstreon8K

    If your account is hacked, it is recommended to change your password immediately. if it has been changed, immediately change your email so that hackers cannot enter your account because the email and password are new. but if you can't, delete your discord account and wait 14 days for it to be permanently deleted. and immediately report to Discord Support.


    this is my experience, thank you.

  • My old account 🖤•JB_Sinly_Nigato•🖤#2088 was hacked I know it’s been a long time but it would be really nice if I could have it back my account was hijacked by this dumb link people kept spamming me with I know that’s dumb but maybe it could be returned my password was changed but my email should still be the same. It’s Discord.master853@

  • Jamzy

    i think my discord got hacked i woke up to go onto discord and see all my friends gone all my servers gone everything wiped clean the account hacked is Jamzy#4879

  • xXlevayXx


  • poepslaaf

    my account has jussed hacked my email has ben changed that account that is hacket trisn. #0001 this is my new account but i want my accounnt back someone can helpp meeee!!!!!!


  • sauce_up12

    This person hacked into my acct and deleted everything every server everything

  • Skyyy

    My account got hacked because i downloaded a nitro generator and loaded it and i got hacked. I was dumb. Please help me. The account got banned is Wolfi#1278

    Add my alt to help me pls: amaya#2018

  • I had just got a new friends last night and I was reading the messages and I came across messages that I don't remember sending hut I asked my siblings if they did it and nobody said they did so hopefully it wasn't hacked but it shared some of my secrets telling my new friends that "I wasn't okay" Like wtf my thing is OliveMB.yakunitataniStwababy#2711

  • amogus

    My account im using rn is called amogus#2434 but i dont have  nitro but someone changed my tag, it used to be #7160, i was just making fun of sites that give u free nitro, i put my username in it, but i didnt put my password or email in, and it just changed, also my messages are join eachother somehow

  • erenllido

    My account has been hacked it's been a almost a month now and I don't know what to do I've had it for 5 years and I made a lot of friends that I don't have contact info other than discord please I need help
    My old account name is

  • xxrealminecrafterxx alt

    Someone hacked my account when I went to sleep the hacked account is xxcatgamerxx #7700 I dont know if i can get it back

  • ariana._.

    xXlevayXx how long did it take for you to get back your account? i talked to the support but they’re ignoring it i think, they aren’t responding 

  • ariana._.

    EliteBoi did u get ur acc back?

  • Lines

    I had some hope that support would help recover my stolen account, or at least just delete it if provided enough info. This lack of communication is disappointing and all I can hope is that the account gets deleted at this rate.

  • TRSshadow1

    My account got hacked too TRSshadow #..... it was adding everyone as friend and selling csgo skins wtf i dont even have da one he selling

  • white panter

    Im being hacked so many times i keep login in and chance the password but the hacker keep login in on my acc

  • ringmaster49013

    My account got hacked into and I want the account baned it removed if possible the account is ringmaster49013#4877

  • td2020

    It might be some token grabbers, discord info leakers (bypasses every ip link authorize sent to email), etc. To fix this go to login page enter your email and then click forgot your password and the email will be sent to your account. Now if the email was changed contact discord support

    Follow these do's and don'ts


    Always use your email to recover your account

    Be sure no one steals your info


    Do not click any free nitro scams and other dangerous websites which will hack your account

    Do not share your personal info online

    Do not give your token online



  • ZimohXP

    My boyfriends discord got hacked and password and mail was changed. Name of the account is yunikyu#5181 does anyone here know how long it can take for him to get it back? He sent a ticket to support about it.

  • سيد مياو

    My account has been hacked My hacked account is called: Play.#0001
    The name of the hacker is: 𝓡𝓢❖LotSheflag_eg⃤#8560
    please help me

  • Grex

    i got hacked by a nitro gift

    my user is :Grex#9722

  • Tanki Online.exe crashed

    My older account AllMode_ON / Complex Battalion#3753 hacked by Missed and she spams a lot of bad things and deleted all my servers. She changed everything in that acc! help pls


  • skittle-chan

    My acc got hacked too it kept sending scam links when i went offline


  • (_-^°$^%¢$]

    my account also got hacked there wasn’t much of hacking but 

    there was this one discord nitro link

    i clicked it

    after a few weeks

    it sent all of my friends the same link

  • Tanki Online.exe crashed

    My friend ! Rejoin hacked by Wolf.ram.Alpha#7368 and the hacker spams me. Help him please!

  • Elf

    I got hacked last month and I got my account back within a week with the help of discord support. I would not recommend making a ticket through "hacked account" instead, you should make it through "account recovery". They should respond depending on the day, for me, it took a day or two after I made the ticket sometimes a little longer. If you had nitro involved, make sure to have screenshots as proof and show that you didn't gift nitro anyone. Even though I recovered my account after talking to discord support, they can't help you on the hacker situation. Since I downloaded a hacker's program that is done through discord(I didn't know that of course), he tried to go through every account I had linked to my original email and attempted to steal my money through my discord. I did not have Norton at the time so my laptop wasn't safe against viruses and harmful stuff that I downloaded previously, I had to factory reset everything. I got rid of the hacker and safely change all passwords. Discord support can help you to recover your account and refund your nitro but they can't recover after what the hacker did to your account. I wish you all the luck on getting your account back.

  • Christopher Webb

    I am not the type to believe in second chance but after the experience I had recently , it made me believe life gave me one . Mid last year I was catfished by an investment company as embarrassing as it sounds I was almost sent to the street by the so called company, for weeks I was talking with a Mr. Anderson  who represented the company , weeks past I was convinced to give them a try . Started small $5k and in one week I could see my profits doubled , I started pumping money into the said company , by the end of the year numbers were at over $800k , I hit a dead end when I couldn’t withdraw and kept being asked to pay tax and when I don’t, I lose in the trade market bullshit and my profits kept going down . I realized I’ve been scammed , the debts the bills ! , Long story short I knew I had to do something I talked to an old friend about what happened and he referred “Lonehackbot @ gmail . Com “ I can say I still have a roof over my head THANKS LONEHACKBOT , THANKS STEVE you saved me when I needed saving ! Save someone else !.

  • Timmothy225

    My account got hacked.



    The hacker changed the password and added an authenticator to is.

    The hacker told me to contact him on Seo#6343 


    Is there a way to recover my account or to get it deleted so this hacker cannot acces my personal information

  • RazorxD

    my friend's account just got hacked and was disabled so she cant log in, please help


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