"Verify By Phone"


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  • mrdjalright

  • Misky

    I am also stuck with this error. No matter how many times I log out and try to log back in, I get blocked by this error with no way of verifying.

  • Nigtard

    I’m having the same problem and I don’t have a phone to verify pls help discord

  • So Sad Omggggggg😪

    help me I can't use my account!!! and I am stuck discord needs to do something 

  • fortissim2

    don't worry everyone, i'm facing the same problem. you're not alone ;)

  • Dark Angel

    I lost all my freinds 😭 i hate this verify by phone thing i put in my phone number and dont get a verification code

  • will724g

    Download text now it's a free simple.sulition

  • Dango

    Yeah I just got the same thing I used my sister's account to tell most of my friends I can't get back on my account, and I don't have a phone and I'm not allowed to have one until I'm 20. I am not waiting until I'm 20 to get my Discord account back, nor do I wanna have to go through the pain of convincing my parents to get me a phone. Discord please get rid of this, it's stupid.

  • jambu

    i got same message today, im admin in some server, well if my account dead, those server will lose one of their head

  • Hi

    It didn’t happen to me again so far.
    I just waited a day and tried to log in again. And it worked. I hope it will also help all of you!

  • Sinclair

    I verified my account with an email. A friend sent me a link to join her server and when i clicked join it the tab I was on crashed. When It reloaded it had the same message, since my mom is strict I dont have a phone and cant verify my already verified account. It sucks cause I can see how many messages/pings I have but I cant check them till I get a phone

  • TNDKing

    I have a phone but its tellign me my number is invalid... wtf...

  • BlaXe

    I’m locked out of my acc same problem



    It wont let me log in even tho i have a phone and it wont send me the code for it

  • DaddyBryon

    I had this same problem and all I did was get a friend with a phone to verify it for me.  It worked fine after that.

  • Cheeky.

    I contacted a discord employee and he didn't help at all,he said my phone number didnt exist.

  • Syunixx

    Im pissed just unlock my account

  • DogsUnitedOwner


  • ElecTr0dynamiX [GD]

    me too...

  • Dark Angel

    this shit sucks discord plz fix 

  • Sorura

    Same here I need some help

  • rexy

    yup same here i just got this message and boom i dont have a phone my friend helped me with his phone that he got in his birthday but INVALID PHONE NUMBER idk what to do now

  • The_lcguyYT

    a i got locked out same i used textnow.com but it errors i send a support thing then they did not answer i did 2000 words totally and they didint read it so the best choice is to make a new account discord is too lazy to fix it

  • Ash✨

    I’ve tried many times! I do not have a mobile phone so I’m locked out of my account!?! DISCORD PLEASE FIX THIS OR I WILL LOSE EVERYTHING...why -_-

  • Nivea

    Why is discord going hard on us if we don’t have a phone we don’t my account has been locked out and I can’t get back in and I have my friends and they don’t go through this at all

  • Reg

    Same, how did u guysfix it thoo

  • Livvy

    Having this issue as well. Urge users to tweet at discord as they are also violating california laws on subscriptions if you are a nitro account user

  • Fate puppy

    same here 

  • I'm a bot

    I'm using my phone number and it is saying it is invalid what should I do

  • 中国人民解放军

    also yeah i am getting sick of this lockout and it happens to me yesterday second i have a nitro subscription also when i put my phone number it says invalid, invalid yeah sure also email is already enough then why do we need a phone number too? phone number is supposed to be private for its owner so discord, please fix this thing because its like a lot of people is suffering this thing too. A lot of discord users is suffering on this thing too so please respond to them and fix the phone number lockout. 


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