The new broken UI will never be reverted. Why? Good question!


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  • TheMarkus1204

    If they do NOT give us the option to opt out of active now I am going to ask a few friends studying Law because of that privacy invasion! With this "new" Active Now Bar they literally make EVERYONE a STALKER even if they don't want to because we are FORCED to see who is doing what on Friends Page!

    Let them keep their god damn update and never revert it, but just give us the option to opt out or hide that bar in general!

    Emoji Reaction Bar is just plain annoying!

  • Richie

    @Invoku It's quite clear you've not read the title, or you're being equally biased, or ignorant. If you did read the title, I doubt you'd have commented. This post was never intended to list all of the problems myself and others are having, of which some have existed for years now. (yes, YEARS! Just look at this post that's over a year old, STILL getting comments and upvotes, and at the time of this post has 743 upvotes:

    If you expected me to list problems like that, you clicked on the wrong post. Here's one I made I think you are/were looking for:

    "If you're actually getting seizures, I'm all for them making a fix for your problem." So I need to be actually getting seizures for Discord to fix issues that have started about 2 years ago now? Such a foolish statement, that only questions the sincerity of your concern. What was wrong with just saying "I'm all for them making a fix for your problem." and leaving it at that? No, I am not having any seizures, yet. So does that mean existing problems, recent and past, should not be fixed?

    "HOWEVER, I was 50% through your text and there was still no issue described at that point." Correct. But if you were expecting me to retype issues I have already posted, as well as the other people's issues that have been posted that I upvoted (because I have the same issues), you clearly did not read the title of my post. 

    "Too much unecessary ranting and attacks at the Discord team. They're constantly updating the platform because they want to make it better." I WANT to believe this. I would think they want to improve their program, not break it. But their track record, spanning years now, have proven otherwise, and frustrated me to the point where I made this post.

    "This is your biased opinion." ya think? Of course it is! Biased because of MY experience with Discord! Just as your opinion is biased. The real point is: is my biased opinion justified? I'll answer that for you: It is.

    "Do you know how many use this platform?" No, I don't. Do you? Please tell me, since it seems you feel your biased opinion is so much more superior to mine. Also, exactly what was the point you were trying to get to, by asking this?

    "That's what makes this post sound somewhat ignorant to me." And why yours sound equally ignorant, and more like that of a blind supporter who's been blessed to not have a single problem with Discord's program.

    "If you want more upvotes for your ideas, get straight to the point next time." WHAT IDEAS? This was, as you inferred, a biased opinion post!

    "You're not getting an upvote from me, because I don't support everything written here." That's fine, it's not like I need your approval for anything in my life! Much less a post containing my biased opinion, lol. You're free to disagree with whomever tickles your fancy. I did, however, downvote your comment because of that amazingly foolish first sentence.

    You, however, DID read at least half of the post, so thanks for that! And it irked you enough that you ran on a false assumption and felt the need to comment. I forgive you :-)

    Simply rolling back from failed updates, and redoing/fixing the coding for their new features would solve a lot. And having the option to disable certain features, rather than just giving the option to "opt out" (such as having the program broadcasting it's stalking abilities) would 1) free up needless processing being done client side, and 2) preserve the privacy of people that want it (which, again, from the comments in this section alone, is an issue).

    But will the devs/management ever do it? Well, THAT's the point of my post.



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