Can we get the feature to automatically add all roles to categories and channels?


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  • FatBluDragon

    I doubt that this is a good idea. Some servers have over 100 roles (because of colors, personal info, etc.) so adding all roles to a single channel can be extremely confusing. Not to mention, if you make a mistake in the role permissions, it could take ages to find the error.

    I'd still want an easier setup for channel permissions but there must be a more elegant method. How about channel templates, where you can create the channel permissions, set that as a template and copy and paste it on other channels at ease?

    For example, you could create templates such as "Announcement Setup", "Adults only", "Guest channels", etc.

    Channel categories technically do that already but that template is limited to that channel categoy alone. Being able to select the channel template in the permission settings might be a nice quality of life addition.

  • Syneiro

    @A Chonky Derg I don't see how this would be a bad idea, or a confusing feature. In case you didn't understand my suggestion, this feature is simply just an easier and faster method of adding all of your roles automatically to each of your categories and channels at the click of a button instead of adding them manually one by one which could be time consuming, especially if you have over 100 roles in your server.

    I understand that many servers have over 100 roles, but for those server owners and admins who are dedicated enough to their servers like I am would surely find this feature useful instead of using such templates you mentioned in your post above, which often require more time and effort.


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