Reverting back to my username results in 'too many users have this username, please try another'


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  • Syneiro

    Try coming up with your own unique username. Using popular usernames will cause issues.

  • christian

    Yeah that is an alternative solution but I had been using my username for several years, changed it something else for less than a minute and then the application wouldn't let me switch it back.  It was just unexpected that would happen.

  • Rusty

    This exact thing happened with me, was it ever fixed?

  • christian

    No I still receive the message 'too many users have that username' when I try and switch it back and support told me that they couldn't do it for me.

  • steve327

    Same happened to me, my friends can change the name to my old one but I can't. DISCORD FIX THIS !!!!

  • freeman

    when changing your username discord assigns a random number between 0000-9999 as a discriminator, but instead of checking all ten thousand digits it will just pick a random one and check if it's taken. this means if you just keep pushing the button chances are you will find a number that hasn't already been taken. i know it's stupid but it usually works after twenty or so times

  • christian

    I tried tried this and it worked! Thank you!

  • Pearl

    Okay so, I tried doing it once or twice, but I had to wait 30 minutes in the mean time. Is this normal or is it just me?

  • Beep Boop

    This happened to me just recently! It's a shame, I'd be using the same user ever since the account ways made so it's really not something I'd like to change to be able to continue;;

  • erik

    Do you need nitro to get it to work?

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  • Anubhav shrivastava

    Put the your discord tag in the place of your name it will generate you a new random number now try to change your name if it still not working than do this again

  • Psycho

    It doesn't work all the time, for me ut says too many people have this username


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