Make downloading updates optional


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  • nopeIsPissed

    Exactly the new update sucks and I really don't want it, not the new type bar thing, the channel drawer it just sucks

  • DAOWAce

    They'll never do this no matter how many of us want it.

    If I could, I'd still be on the discord version before they changed the dark theme last year.  So many horrible UI changes have come since then and they've done almost nothing to remedy them.

    Lots of us are actually paying customers (Nitro), not freeloaders.  Pissing us off with changes and causing us to cancel our subscriptions is something they should be wary of.  Clearly, they're not, and just force whatever they think is good onto everyone.

    What use is Discord Canary if they shove beta/testing features into the live client without any user feedback?

  • (FFS) Loki

    Besides the fact that it's just plain wrong to force users to update on your schedule, the way it is done sucks.

    Telling me "It must be your lucky day" and then forcing an update on me is insulting (not to mention juvenile). If it's a _mandatory_ update, tell me that up front and stop trying to be cute.

    But if you even made Debian updates available through a standard debian format repository, I'd have enabled the repository and I'd have done the upgrade before you even notified me! 

  • Sierra

    This is horrible.


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