Please remove the gift nitro button on both mobile and PC


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  • Ash0011

    It is waaay too big on the app, and there’s really no reason for it to be on the chat bar, if you want it to show up a lot I could see making it show up while you view someone’s profile, but right now it’s infuriating enough that I want to advise people against buying subscriptions

  • Dante

    The button is huge and completely useless in it's current placement. I can't speak for desktop, but on mobile it collapses the chat box and resulted in the emoji button being moved to the far right. It has no place being near chat functions, /especially/ since Discord bans users who use client customization programs.

  • Lynko

    I don't see a purpose in putting the gift button if you're only going to use it on that special occasion you have a Nitro gift. I would rather want the gift option in the Nitro settings. The Nitro gift itself is a link anyway, so they could just display what gifts you have available with the link and you can just copy and paste the link.

  • Faeytful

    AGREED. It's already available in a place where it is easily seen if you ever go to check or change your settings, or even forbid, your status! It doesn't need to be in a place where the emoji button USED to be, and on top of that next to a vastly more used button, adding pictures. Please remove the unnecessary button.

  • blackwolfwoof

    Same for me, on desktop it didn't really bother me yet but on Android we got an update today that removed the camera icon any they added the nitro icon.
    It is really annoying because i click on the nitro icon all the time because i want to send a picture in chat.

  • Gentleman Ace

    It's actually terrible on mobile, there should 100% be an option to toggle it off, give me back my camera button. It's also especially annoying if you're already a nitro subscriber. Like I'm already giving you money, stop making it seem like you're begging for more.

  • Daine

    Agreed. Mine updated today and it's driving me mad

  • patchesotron

    I'm getting more and more annoyed with a company I used to have a very positive opinion of. Why the hell would you put the nitro button where the camera button was?? It feels like you're playing a trick on us, and it isn't cute. Worse, I HAVE basic nitro, and I'm still being advertised to aggressively. That makes me feel like my subscription doesn't matter, especially after the botched sticker implementation that basically told me just that. Please stop doing stuff like this... I used to think this company was really cool, and more and more it's becoming just another greedy business.

  • Stompound

    I don't mind it so much on the PC... but, on Mobile, I hate this very very much. There needs to be an option to remove it from there. Buttons I use every day should be located near my chat area on mobile. 9 times out of 10 when I want to add an attachment I accidentally hit the gift button now. It's incredibly stupid and annoying. I changed my 5* review to a 1* review on the Play Store until this is fixed.

  • Robouste

    Discord is the worst, playing the role like "hey look how friendly we are, now, give us money". I'm sick of this.

  • waterflame

    I barely notice it on desktop. But certainly noticed it the moment it showed up on my mobile client. Please move it or allow us to turn off money begging.

  • CaptainBoj

    Omg yes PLEEEEEASE get rid of it

  • Erika 4.1

    Yeah get rid of this shit, or we will go on skype again !

  • Dunnerski

    I've hit this button out of muscle memory so many times. Please get rid of this shit

  • Aurani

    I am constantly hitting this, when trying to send images. And sending images is now a two step process, as I have to hit the expansion arrow first. Four step if you include opening the gift menu, then exiting the gift menu, then finally opening the image menu. This is a terrible user experience.

  • RedWolf0001

    Discord. For the love of god get rid of the gift nitro button.
    I cant afford it so get it off my pc and mobile verson.

    I dont want to use a modified client of discord so fix this now.
    Get rid of the button. WE DONT WANT IT

  • broseppi

    I will absolutely never EVER spend money on this app and having the button forced onto those who don't want to spend money is ridiculous and feels a bit desperate on the part of the developers. There should be an option to remove it or disable the button/nitro gifting entirely.

    This was not a good addition to the app and another example of discord being more interested in money rather than developing a good app.

  • voxel-loves-you

    The only reason for you to place that button where it is on mobile is to get accidental gift subscriptions which is a really scummy move. 

  • Tony Snark

    Agreed. This button is so out of place in the text input bar. It has no business being there other than to try and push nitro subscriptions. I know Discord is free for tons of users and relies on subscriptions to continue development, but please not like this.

    If you INSIST on keeping it there, at least swap it's position with the image attachment button. Muscle memory from other messaging apps causes us to tap the button directly next to the text input — I can only assume you already fully know this and the placement was intentional so people to click it by mistake and learn about Nitro gifting and potentially pay for it. 

  • Erika 4.1

    10 months and no response from discord team, if they don't care maybe we should send the messasge otherwise, like boycott the app ! We can invite our friends to other platform less "nitro" intrusive !

  • krimkrambler

    In agreement with everyone else here. Not only is it unnecessary, its placement is shady and dishonest. They put it in the place that a useful button used to be. They're counting on you to accidentally hit it out of habit. It's gross and deceptive.

  • 「Kolya」

    I've had this button for one day, and this is the single feature of Discord that I could call flat-out useless. Maybe it'd be better used, if by opening a user's profile, or a group chat's settings, then it could be an option in there, but, please, get it out of the message bar, I just want to attach an image, I don't want this shady circle getting in my face. Please, put it literally anywhere, but on the message bar of all places.

  • purrdri

    I love Discord as an app. I've had Nitro for about two years. I've gifted Nitro every few months. I'm mostly on mobile, and I use Discord mobile a lot so I can talk to my friends on the go.

    I absolutely hate this button, especially on mobile.

    I have never used it. I actively avoid it. It ruined my muscle memory when it was added. The few times I've bought a gift I've gone all the way into the settings gift menu, because I've literally never wanted to send a gift in a public server - or even a group server! If I buy a gift of Nitro it's a single month for a single friend.

    Please remove the gift button from the mobile chat bar. At the VERY least, give us an option to turn it off. It's been at least a year.

  • Gen

    Yes. 100% agree with everything in this post. I was on the old November 2019 version of the app for so long until today when it updated. I have purchased Nitro for myself and other Discord accounts before but it honestly seems like you're begging for money with that.

    Let us disable it.

  • ♡ Tora-chan ♡

    I was recently thinking about this issue, and now the addition of the sticker button on desktop has only compounded this issue. I don't have nitro so the sticker button is absolutely useless to me on the chat bar, and it really feels like it fills the same role of pushing people to buy nitro. If anything, the more often something is advertised to me, the less likely I'll be to buy it anyway. It's very frustrating that Discord seems to be taking the route of all the other big software companies in pushing updates that add clutter and advertisements without giving users the option to hide it. I really had high hopes for Discord when I first began using it several years ago and it's upsetting to see it go in this direction...

  • Robouste

    Can't wait for the next Teamspeak software in beta ! 

  • Darklight96

    Another user here who constantly miss clicks the + button. I'd like that button to be gone.

  • wuxe

    just googled if this was disablable and i'm amazed this is 3 years old. please give us the option to remove the button. it's a pain.

  • Manfred

    A more recent change seems to be that the icon is now glowing up for the holidays, which is even worse. Please let paying customers disable these controls, same goes for the access to gifs and stickers.

  • DarkNeko97

    Pushing the post


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