Diffrent Profile Picture Per Server


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  • NippieMan

    What? That's pretty dumb. 

  • Tractor Mann

    I think this would be nice, might be a small idea that probably wont be used much, but it does have some potential

  • Emily

    This suggestion is a duplicate.

    Please upvote/comment on this suggestion instead:

  • Zombiiz

    I would like that a lot. I really want my nickname in each server I am in to match each pfp, which do consist of roleplay servers!

  • keade akamatsu

    this can also be useful for if you are hadleing many diffrent types of servers but none the less for rp

  • SemiSeriousSam

    C'mon Discord get your shit together. Make this SIMPLE THING HAPPEN. If you can add emojis to servers then you can add different profile pics per user account.

  • Spirited

    I absolutely need this for roleplaying reasons. Like DND group servers where I could make my avatar a pic of my character, or a game server discord where I can make my avatar a pic of my WoW character. This would be game-changing!

  • lavagames

    Discord is currently running a very early experiment of this feature, so far it is only accessible by enabling an experiment. It says "upsell here" when clicking on it suggesting this feature is going to be a nitro exclusive feature.

  • Nopstixx/Caterpedorm

    how do you do it tho


  • ӄǟʄօօȶɦɛʟɨօռ

    yeah how pls tell


  • SubGplayz

    Yeah, it is going to be a feature, I have even found some screenshots, but from what I know it is in closed beta, and so only a small selection of users from selected countries, and discord staff will receive it.

  • SubGplayz

    I will let you all know the info I come across, as I am in contact with a user that was selected for the closed beta. One tip he gave is that if you make enough alts, you will receive it eventually on one of the accounts, which goes for the other features as well.

  • !Crypt

    That would be cool

  • eap7062

    Pls pls pls add thiss


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