Feature to block specific processes from showing discord RPC


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  • Blastyr

    Actually Lutris doesn't do Discord presence by default; you literally have to manually install a separate package to even enable support for it. I opened an issue on their GitHub last week for exactly this, and it was closed with a note saying it's Discord detecting a process running out of /usr/games/ and automatically updating the presence.

    Which makes it DEFINITELY Discord's responsibility to fix this.

    Could the Lutris package maintainer move the executable to /usr/bin/ and mitigate what Discord is doing wrong? Probably, but the correct solution is that Discord shouldn't just assume something is a game based on where its executable is located.

    Steam could just as easily have been packaged to be run from /usr/games/ and I'd bet this wouldn't be an issue because (1) Steam's install base is much larger, meaning more users would be annoyed by the behavior, and/or (2) someone at Valve would have raised a stink.


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