Add option to revert to previous mobile UI


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  • Cindy

    The newest update, on Android, makes it so you also can't see what message you selected, so you have to guess on what you selected, as the only way to know for sure, is to quote it, or edit it. And if you edit, then you have to reselcet it. If it's not, then you have to quote, which means you have to reselect it. They should add a "reset to previous UI" Option. It would help so much.

  • Gweneveryn

    Please do this, its such a unnecessary change from the old UI as well as making stuff redundant, the new one does not make it any cleaner or user friendly. If there was a way to uninstall this upxate I would do it 100%

  • Saher1175

    I 100% agree with this.

    Most application developers have recently gotten into the habit of oversimplifying shit for users as if their product is aimed towards embryos or something.

    Seriously, No matter how complicated the ui might seem, if it's just as effective, then there's no need to simplify it even one bit.
    Anyone who posesses a human brain can figure out complicated uis in a while.
    Making things easier so stupid people (not handicapped, mind you.) can use it just makes things harder for people with brains.

    I implore you to consider adding a little button in the settings to switch between the Legacy and Oversimplified uis asap. It'll increase the app's customizability factor and is a solution which'll please everyone.


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  • Saher1175



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