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  • lsass.exe

    Just use an antivirus on your computer as well as only download the official Discord installer from discord.com.

  • benand_

    would windows defender count as an antivirus? Everything is ticked and it says I meet the requirements for enhanced hardware security

  • 🎁🎄KFM🎄🎁

    Don't know if this is just me but I visited bleepingcomputer (which is a really known website) about the anarchygrabber and apparently Avast notified me about saying that it blocked an connection.

    So I suppose that every site who is talking about anarchygrabber will be infected by it, so I will just share you information about it.

    If anyone sends you to an very suspicious link, do not click on it AND if someone wants you to look for anarchy grabber articles, it might be infected.
    To check if you are infected, check in your AppData > Roaming > Discord > [ver num] > modules > discord_desktop_core and if you find a file called anarchy, then you are infected.
    If you were infected, then you might want to uninstall Discord and delete the folder inside Roaming folder manually cause if you don't do that, then I believe Discord will just rerun those scripts.

    I believe the only safe place to look for updates is this site.

    Hopefully I made some things clear.

  • benand_

    Thanks, this has helped a lot. I'm not infected but I don't use discord much on my pc anymore so I've decided to uninstall it and use the web version from now on. Thanks again

  • Steklie

    I have the same problem as KFM. Avast deleted the malicious file and now I can't run Discord. Strange, but okay... Avast often makes mistakes, so I will think that this is a ridiculous mistake. Until then... Web version to help 👍🏻 

  • 🎁🎄KFM🎄🎁

    There is also a new way of checking if you were infected.

    Open the index.js file and see if there are more than 1 line of code.

  • Merl

    Same here. I have a MAC

    Avast blocked the Anarchy Grabber .json file. 

    There's no way I'm able to install disc, and the web version's mic works horribly. You sound like a robot and words are impossible to understand. Not my mic's fault... 
    Any ideas or solutions? I deleted EVERY disc folder, not only by searching "discord" in the finder but using useful youtube videos shortcuts... 


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