Discord took the place of internet forums a bit - could we emulate some features from them ?


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  • Retmas

    this would add massively attractive functionality towards a communication system already heavily reliant on large amounts of parallel, simultaneous communication, sometimes between the same parties in different channels. having forum-esque style threads in which people could post would allow for far easier event postings, server rules channels and the like, recipes, IP of game servers or other relevant links and soforth.. for an application already heavily tailored towards the gaming community, as well as making market share gains in the corporate/business sector, this functionality would add massive value to users (and, by natural extension, itself), and increase Discord's niche dominance. furthermore, it would likely allow the application to move itself into new markets, in which it could leverage its own popularity to insert itself into what is otherwise a fairly fractured and disparate landscape of forums based on various aging technologies with no real loyalty or popularity of platform among users. 

    Discord should absolutely be considering this, particularly as the world relies exponentially more on communications technology for both recreational and business purposes.

    to make a long line of mental vomit very short, i completely support the idea, and i think discord would be very wise to closely study the idea, and for investors to pay close attention to the results of that research.


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