Change Android UI Back


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  • Malak

    I totally agree with you. This new UI update is disgusting, and makes the app a headache to look at, let alone navigate. I've dropped down to an older version of mobile because I was getting sick of looking at the clunkiness of the disgusting UI.

    Unfortunately, Discord seems to be so blind to user feedback for this update I don't believe they'll ever revert it back. This has to be some sort of sick punishment, or they really dislike their users. I hope they seriously do something, as so many threads have been created asking for this EXACT thing to come, and yet... nothing. 

    I recommend downloading an apk of an older version of Discord, 15.6 is the best, no separate icon for camera/files, and none of the clunkiness that the new version has. 

  • I agree wholeheartedly. In fact, I've started the hashtag #NotMyPlaceToTalk. Please spread awareness of this initiative—to make Discord’s mobile app usable, fast, and accessible again.


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