:crydrown: an emoji where the character drowns himself in his tears


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  • Azkun

    This is a good idea... I think if a lot of people click on the "follow" button, one day Discord will see your suggestion and respond to it! Good luck & Good day! 🤔👍

    - Azkun

  • Antos

    If Discord doesn't respond to your suggestion it would be so sad ! :crydrown: 

  • itai

    A very good Idea, I will add it to m'y servers thanks a lot !!!

  • LoganDark

    Sounds like a great idea for a Nitro emote!

  • President Dog

    I wouldn't be surprised if discord added this pointless feature over all good ones suggested. Also to the person above me, why encourage them to make this a Nitro emote when it's not unique at all. It's the sob emote with a wave of blue. Not even animated. If you want to make this so "exclusive" for you, why not just add it to your server and be able to use it everywhere with nitro?

  • LoganDark

    Exactly, why can't everyone just add this emote to their servers and use it?

    Also, all (default) emotes on Discord have a Unicode equivalent... Unicode doesn't have a drowning in tears emoji!

  • Ad2017

    I doubt this suggestion will be considered, as Discord is using Twemoji, and probably won't add global custom emotes (independent of any server).


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