Discord staff is bad.


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  • BryanChess99

    Agreed, discord never replied to me in over 2 weeks!

  • yryr

    No,no,no...This is the reason why Discord wont answer to you guys.

    please read it


  • BryanChess99

    Well they disabled my main account for putting down a wrong birthday... I sent them proof of my actual age but they totally IGNORED ME and now my main is going to be PERMANENTLY DELETED!

  • Simon the Sicko

    You're not alone in that regard. My old account was suspended and deleted without ever talking to a real person. Good luck

  • Jon the VGNerd

    @yryr: Doesn't excuse the fact that Discord staff is incredibly ignorant. Even before the Covid-19 became an issue too. They've long decided to stop listening to us.

  • Mlau

    A user by the alias of “Bluerimz is my husband” has joined this one server I’m high level in countless times with alts, evading bans each time using VPNs and causing chaos in different ways. He got reported to Discord several times but they did absolutely nothing about him. Meanwhile, my friend, who joked about his age being 11 when he actually isn’t, got his account disabled. He even gave a lot of proof to Discord about his real age but they still refuse to give his account back, which contains early supporter badge and got nitro 10 times. It baffles me how the Discord staff prioritizes jokes over someone being a serious threat to the server. If this site wants to “develop”, it HAS to fix its moderation team, because this is purely unacceptable.

  • JDJG

    It seems like those who deserve to get banned don't get banned, and those who don't get banned quickly.


    worst customer support in the entire history of the world


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