Ability to Mention a Channel


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  • Pres

    hi there! this feature is already in use. you can mark a channel in a similar way to tagging others. use the following format <#538938170822230026>
    -> which would turn into #general from a popular server if you were already in the server.
    if not it would show up as #deleted-channel. 

    this should work!

  • Promaster

    Pres thank you it saved my life i was looking everywhere for pinging channels thank you soo much


  • Koppanyxd

    And how can i mention vioce channels? The following format won't work<#ID>

  • Pres

    you cannot mention voice channels currently, however you can use invite links on voice channels.. which sort of links them/mentions them. hope this helps!

  • Blxe

    I tried mentioning a channel in my own server but it won't let me

  • ☁ ☁ ConmeuwUu ☁ ☁

    I've been working on a community server for a little while and I have a question. How to mention a <Rules> channel?

  • JohannLau

    ☁ ☁ ConmeuwUu ☁ ☁ what you have to do is to Copy the ID of the rule channel, then type 



  • At0micA55

    To get the channel ID make sure you have also the #Developper option activated.

    User Settings --> Advanced --> Developer Mode (click on the slider to the right)

    For me the <#ID> was specially usefull since i can't #channel since we use emojis or custom font on our server so this really saved us !


    Thanks again Pres


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