Hopping into a voice channel with rhythm turns my phone screen off


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  • Jazzy

    Hey Watrmeln,

    iPhone 5's and above has a feature that darkens the screen when in a voice call. This can be exempted by putting it in Speaker Mode. Unfortunately, this is an iOS hardware future, so it isn't possible to turn this off

    If the darken screen continues even without enabling speaker mode, simply reply back!


  • wtrmeln

    There's a speaker mode on/off? And I’m talking about a server vc. Not a dm vc.

  • I have the exact same problem when in a vc with other members in my server while in vc. If your camera gets obstructed while in a vc, itll turn the screen off. It's doing what it does in a regular phone call which is weird. Idk how to fix it


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