Server vanishing for banned users isn't a good idea.


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  • Jazzy

    Hey Trendy,

    When being banned from a server, you are being completely blocked from the viewing all content and any further content. Usually still having access to posts and content after being banned could not be a good idea, as some people may lurk around and could potentially cause harm to the server.

    Responding to your idea, 150 users on your server would definitely not be a good idea. If your server was meant to stay private for only maybe your school or some other private community, other people shouldn’t be allowed to join. Third Party Discord Bots like Disboard and enable you to put your server online and advertise it. In my opinion, having people banned and not being able to view the content is a good thing. You are being banned from viewing their content, further content and also notbeing able to communicate in the server, which is why the whole server in your eyes, as I would put it, has vanished.

    I hope this helps!


  • TheCuriousCatPerson

    You can already ban like this by using bots to give a muted role to someone, but it doesn't really prevent people from DMing other members in the server and anyone can circumvent it using an alt account as it's not IP based


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