Battery Drain on iPhone


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  • 🖤Lilith🥀

    Ik it gets really annoying sometimes when you just wanna talk with your friends and two seconds later your like “I have to charge my battery rq” if they haven’t already fixed it then I really hope they do soon it gets REALLY REALLY annoying ps.ty person that took there time to read this and the other comment have a great day/night and yeah that’s it :)))))))))



  • ADAM

    Yeah i have the same issue , my battery normally is fine when I’m using other apps but once i open discord my phone starts overheating and it drops from like 40 to 35 in 1 minutes

  • うんち

    I was just wondering, is this problem still happening now? I recently got an iPhone X and just wondering after reading this if I should download discord on it as I have it in my desktop aswell.

  • hashirshabbir

    The issue you're facing with the Discord app draining your iPhone's battery is likely due to a bug or inefficient coding in the app. Updating your iPhone to the latest iOS version or checking for a newer version of the Discord app might help. If the problem persists, you could report it to Discord's support team. Also, consider how the price of solar battery for portable charging could provide a temporary solution by keeping your phone charged while Discord is fixed.


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