The new banner update should be available as non-animated for all nitro classic users or all non-nitro users


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  • onyon

    i tottaly agree, i got so mad bcs of the epic games give away thing, why couldnt it have been a thing in the 5 months that i had nitro. Its just annoying thinking that people got it for free bcs of the epic games giveaway. The people that dont have nitro bcs they either didnt know about the giveaway or jsut already had it (my case) should still get a image variant if gifs are for nitro, just like pfps.


  • Sh0t


  • Squid

    You don't pay 10 bucks/month only for a custom banner... You get many premium features! Also, most of the features are free, so I'm not sure why you're complaining. :D

  • onyon

    Well the banner isnt free. It should atleast be free if its a image

  • Kouki

    Squid I think most of us know that you get many other things along with the banner. But the problem is that we as classic users think that we should be able to at least have a static banner as we are also supporters of Discord. Most of the things you get in the $10 Nitro are the same or just upgrades of things classic users get i.e. 50 MB ($5) uploads to 100 MBs ($10), Nitro Icon on your profile (Both), HD Video (Both), Use Emojis Anywhere (Both), 2000 characters (Free) to 4000 ($10) etc. Why should we have to pay $10 a month just to have access to using a banner? I understand that there are other things like the server boost every month and the more servers, but that even furthers my point of Classic getting neglected because Discord wants to make more money. Yet, Discord generated $130 million revenue in 2020. Just kind of weird. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

  • onyon


  • Icea

    There's also the fact that literally every other site that i myself am on i can set a profile banner for free, even if that site has a subscription service. (i.e, Deviantart)

    Thats why we want at least a static image for free. Because everywhere else allows that.

    Editing to add stuff in, but i won't even care if nitro classic gets the static images while regular users can get simple patterns for their banner that can change colour (don't credit me for this pattern idea, i saw it on a post elsewhere on the support forum). Right now, nitro classic and regular users get absolutely nothing for profile customizaton. If you get some god awful trash colour from your profile picture, you gotta live with it unless you keep reuploading the profile picture, which iirc discord bars you from reuploading profile pictures for a bit if you do it enough times.

    I personally think the best option is:

    Regular users: solid colour of your choice or static image

    ALL nitro users, classic and regular: solid colour of your choice, static image or animated image

    that seems fair for everyone. Its not a profile customization update when all regular users and classic users get is a glorified custom status box that fits more words. I love the about me section to death but it doesn't add much more other than freeing up your custom status thing for other things

  • Sh0t


  • Obama

    I agree, otherwise what's the point of paying for nitro classic.

  • onyon


  • Real Zain II

    Pretty bad this is just wasted my $49.99 on buying nitro classic for a year and what so you get lol nothing, 50MB max? GIF pfp? Custom tags? Emojis? That's it? Oh and 1080p 60fps :))

    When Nitro users get 100MB? GIF? Custom Tags? More servers? Longer Messages? Banners? Stickers? 2 boosts? Emojis? 
    That's literally the worst $49 I spent in my life.
    (I thought the difference was only 2 boosts, 1 month ago when I bought but that's too greedy at this point pretty disappointed on discord.) won't be buying nitro anymore obv pay discord and still get shit perks :)) 

  • onyon

    Its because you bought nitro classic


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