Charged $99.99 for nitro while I was asleep, and no one is doing anything about it.


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  • hirako.

    Report that to Discord support

  • Hakari

    This happened to me last month, someone bought discord nitro classic and server boosting, I got both refunded and I asked them if the discord Nitro was sent to anyone they confirmed they that it was sent but they could not tell me who it was sent to under "user privacy" even thou it was my account. They followed up saying the only way they would tell me who the discord nitro was sent to was if i filled out a police report. So basically its like you leaving your phone in your work desk, and someone comes and steals it, and you go to your boss and ask if you can view the security footage and he goes "sorry you need fill out a police report before we let you find out who took ya phone!!"

  • qbeary

    this happend to me as well and i am unable to contact them


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