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  • Tōru Tsundere


  • Tōru Tsundere

    10000% AGREE

  • Sprinter

    Hmm yes companies are no longer allowed to profit and instead have to continue making losses consistently for the next 6 years.
    And a reminder that discord has no ads at all....

  • CosmicJester

    THIS!! I mostly rely on gifts because I'm Brazilian and Nitro is way too expensive here, and since my next month is Classic, I'm disappointed that I'll lose my banner.

  • caro ♡ vitor

    Sprinter, be smarter and reason:

    Regardless of which subscription, whether Classic or Gaming, we are PAYING for the service, this forces Discord to bring new features to paying users.

    It's not because users pay more for Nitro Gaming that they should enjoy all the new features. Classic users also pay and help keep Discord alive.

    If it was just to benefit game users, why would Nitro Classic exist?


  • Kouki

    Sprinter (This Will Be A Long Explanation Of Things I Have Already Discussed On Other Post To Inform Others That Are Telling Us To Get Over It) Let me start off by saying, I've seen all three of your post regarding this discussion and it seems you have similar answers to all of them, but one I would like to focus on is:

    "If you can't get Nitro tough."
    I would then like to ask, then do you hold the same idea to your suggestion of removing the cooldown period for boost? No? 7 Day Cooldown Period.. Aww, shucks.. Tough.

    See the thing is, you've only responded with our post of why Classic should get Banners with "Tough" because you have Nitro Gaming. So, in turn, it's not something you really have to worry about as you already have the feature. Of course you are not going to agree with what we say because you think, "Oh, well they should just pay the $10 as I did." Let me try to explain this best I can using previous comments I've made. You may look through my profile if you so well please. 

    "The problem is that we as classic users think that we should be able to at least have a static banner as we are also supporters of Discord. Most of the things you get in the $10 Nitro are the same or just upgrades of things classic users get i.e. 50 MB ($5) uploads to 100 MBs ($10), Nitro Icon on your profile (Both), HD Video (Both), Use Emojis Anywhere (Both), 2000 characters (Free) to 4000 ($10) etc. Why should we have to pay $10 a month just to have access to using a banner? I understand that there are other things like the server boost every month and the more servers, but that even furthers my point of Classic getting neglected because Discord wants to make more money. Yet, Discord generated $130 million revenue in 2020."

    Companies are allowed to make profit. But why should we as Classic users continue to pay for it if it is not going to receive the same profile customizations as the Nitro Gaming users as, I am pretty sure off, most of us Classic users bought it simply for profile customization? To answer your question regarding why we would not spend $10 dollars for Nitro Gaming:

    "Why should we pay $10 if we will not even be using any of the other features? To people who are dealing with that dilemma, it's kind of like "Why should I pay an extra $5 dollars a month for a banner," which I think is a reasonable question to ask. Even if we get those extra perks, if we don't use them, what's the point?"

    I've already stated above the different perks each membership gets. As most of us just want profile customization and nothing really to do with the boost you get from servers and so on, I think it's reasonable to receive the benefit of a background (whether it be static or moving).

  • Lunay Neko

    Paying for basic stuff: dont get static banners, dont get stickers :(
    I would understand if i coudnt get gif banners or animated stickers or simmilar but not even static ones.. Sad

  • shel

    This is for real. How come these nitrile members could have all these things and not classic members. I am a classic nitro member myself. This is just unfair disgusting and rude.

  • Akino

    I totally agree.

  • SpellG

    Totally agree. It's very stupid that this simple feature is available only for Nitro users and not for Classic as well. 
    That's why I didn't purchase a subscription.  

  • Ness

    Discord Devs are just money hungry.

  • dirt_mh

    Yeah it’s just stupid it says we get a banner in the perks!!!!! This is an outrage!!!!!

  • PyroLink

    This is still relevant, please, let us give you our money without being robbed for feature we won't use !

  • Leis Abdulah

    This is literally the only reason I'm not buying Nitro Classic. If animated banners are added, I'll be more willing to pay for Nitro Classic.


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