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  • Insanity.

    Also this server I was a victim of and this is not solved still. They sell all sorts of Black Market E-Goods if translated from Russian all sorts of hacked accounts as well as the nitro upgrades. Against discord ToS Of-course but still nothing from staff. and also they have a giveaway bot for the hacked accounts how lovely... never had an issue before on discord that's not been resolved but I guess they don't care because the hackers are buying nitro and if they don't refund I guess more money for them. I have seen this issue mutliple times multiple threads on multiple forums and everyone had said they have had to contact there Bank card provider to get a refund.

  • fnord


  • Mighty Vertol

    if on mobile do Restore Purchase i think 

  • V01D

    Help me i also got hacked by russians saying that they were giving free nitro please i gave acsess to my acc and i changed my pass im at school rn pls help

  • xXxOnyxdemonlordofsinxXx

    ive bin getting the same thing for over a 2 months now i even made a new account an its still happening


  • NathanNairr

    The Same thing happened to me and now this creepy russian dude is online using MY account and now i really want to regain controll over my account so i can import all my servers and friends to my other account


  • Sunmi doesn't love you

    same some Russians have hacked my account and is using my account . I really want to tell my friends to dm me on my other account.


  • Mei

    Lmao nice who told y'all to click on any links someone sends you without checking them

  • 🍃kazoo shumatsuban🍃

    exactly i got hacked to

  • _Froggo_



  • Hecker

    Same, but from the verification email it said the ip address and i got the condo he's at

  • SuperBulb

    I got sent a free 1 month gift nitro so I clicked on it and my login wasn’t working and told me to check email so I did and it said that someone was trying to log in tho my account from Moscow, Russia. I accidentally clicked verify and now I think they have access to my account so I changed the password and that worked but when I went to install 2 factor authentication it instantly crashed and I couldn’t enable it again after that. I restarted it multiple times and none of it worked

    Can someone please help me


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