clicked a fake nitro link that read "dlscord" instead of "discord". what now?


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  • Zenuko

    I received that too. Just block and report and enable 2FA.

  • fAnNysYoUrAuNTy

    hi everybody i was affected by this scam too and i am running windows defender scan on my pc

    anyone know if this scam gives u viruses, trojans, etc?

    im really worried about this,

  • elcidthehero

    Same thing with me.

    Link was this (don't click on it, obverously.)

    What do i do now?


  • Note10

    Same. Mine said you had to sign in with steam. Does anyone know if this is just an ip grabber or a virus?

  • I don’t know if this is related, but I clicked the same link and now I can’t change my discord password, it just says password does not match how do I fix this

  • Parsa
    @everyone this gift is for you bro
    Friend has gifted you Nitro for 1 month

    same thing


  • Hokage Jay

    Same happened to me as well

  • N0V∆

    I clicked on a link now someone is trying to log in from Russia

    I got a email asking me to verify the log in

    I didn't press on verify , so am I safe?
    I hope so

  • Aldi

    I got this dm from my friend..
    Than I submit everything.. 😭

    What should I do?

  • Adnan

    Dont click these links ! Mark them as blacklist 

  • iNgeon

    Clearly Discord doesnt give a damn about their community or platform. How is this still going.
    People have to revert to bots to do their job

  • Pyromaniac Cat

    I also got this, 3 months of Discord Nitro free from STEAM (, I have to wait days now for steam support to reply to me as it changed the email and the password (:

  • Sweetie Chan

    This may seem like a dumb question, but is it safe to copy and paste the link as long as u aren't clicking in it?

  • Chris

    I clicked the link but i closed it right after like 5s without doing anything, am i save or should i do something, i dont have 2fa

  • zivosaurus-rex

    same happened to me nothing happened except it got sent to almost everyone why doesnt discord do more about this?

  • 𝚭𝚵𝐑𝝷

    Same thing happened to me but I used super gamer reflexes and closed the tab before it loaded. Then I changed my password to a 25-digit long phrase and activated 2fa.

    credit to slow computer for not loading the site

  • Robot Vex

    I don't know if this is a real link of discord nitro I feel like it's not because my friend send it to me 3 times in my dm saying " @everyone, take nitro faster, it's already running out ". Is there like a way to check nitro links if it's valid or not

  • Nigerian Scammer

    just remember not to click any sketchy links this message contains for obvious reasons               "@everyone, take nitro faster, it's already running out" this is getting spammed everywhere for me and when i clicked on it on my alt acc as a joke some guy from russia was tryin to access my acc, luckily i changed password and had 2fa enabled and did not verify russia guy

  • Oarai

    *This thread is alredy old but ill reply anyways so other users can see my answer

    What most nitro scam links do, is when you click and enter the website, execute a script that grabs your "Auth Token" If you dont know, an Auth Token is kind of a password that even the user can't get without "cheating", this kind of password can access your acount without your real password, your email/username or your phone and skips the 2FA proccess. A token can be regenerated, for example, changing your real password, as you did. So apparently there is no way they can get into your account right now at least you click another scam link OR they got into your account before changing your password and autoinfected your account, but that is very improbable as it has been 3 months aprox since this ocurred and apparently you didn't get hacked again. So don't worry.

  • zancrow 💖

    Me too, I think it steals discord account information if you signed in then sends the link to multiple people. A server of mine mentioned scammers without being really specific, it’s just a scam but maybe head to some link scanners to make sure

  • cabbages

    Same thing happened to me, I think it deletes all your friends, or something similar, my link was

  • Samantha_Agu🎄

    Note10 Same, I got a steam discord thing, And my steam got hacked and password and email got changed. I no longer have access to my steam!

  • Slayer

    i have almost the same thing as well but the link was

    and it says that steam was giving away 3 months of nitro for free and wanted me to login to steam the websites looked legit as well except for the link of course. this was sent to me by a discord friend and he doesnt seems to be hacked or anything cuz he still talks to me after that and he says that someone else sent that to him. and now i cant login to my steam account and it said the password was wrongwhen i obviously type it in correctly and the email was different as well.

    idk what to do now

  • Le1f

    Mine is worse because one day i woke up and everyone in my discord got spammed messages by me about free nitro and free CS-go skins even then i was with my friend and he was getting spammed so i really hope that this hacker that is hacking my will stop.

  • Le1f

    one of the things that the hacker spammed on my account was Shared         


    giveaway from Discord and Steam -

  • MT6

    Le1f SAME my friend texted me that same link but ik he isnt the type of person to get hacked. Maybe its token log or mass hack

  • err0r522 - same thing

  • amon21

    Mine was on this link I lost account access, I can't change password and they changed the account email...

  • err0r522

    Change. Your. Password. :/

  • err0r522

    And set up two-factor verification.. :\


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