Allow threads to become full channels, or channels to be converted to threads


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  • Finsku

    +1. This would help to reorganize a few text channels as threads under another channel.

  • Master Blaster

    How is this not happening yet?

  • my0vira

    This is my #1 awaited feature and I really hope that there are plans to make it a reality. It would make organizing older servers that much easier.

  • HookedMermaid

    Was just asked this today by my server co-owner. We're trying to reorganise our server and so many channels would benefit from being changed into threads that we could nest under a single archive channel (as opposed to the category we have now with about 50 archived channels). 

    Having more flexibility in how we use the channel structure would make running complex servers so much better. I was hoping forums would maybe be the answer to this, but as discussions can't be moved around/reordered manually, and the entire tree stays visible for admin/mods (it's only a single channel for members), it's just not suitable. 

    Discord, please enable channel to thread/thread to channel conversion.

    ETA: Let admin make some threads permanent and pin them. We have a directory with links to ongoing threads, but if they self archive, the link converts to #deleted-channel.

  • Not Adam Paul

    Just gonna go ahead and add my voice to the chorus. Enormously useful functionality that would surely be quite easy to implement. 

  • zzzzzz


  • Xumari

    +1 I really need this feature. This is a must.


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