Web3 Integration w/ Discord


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  • mage

    The world would be a worse place if it's completely polluted with a collapsing atmosphere due to over production of electricity. Why don't you make the world a better place and hop off.

  • 745 micky

    NFTs are actually doing the opposite of “making the world a better place”, they’re killing the earth. And they’re scams.

  • This is a terrible idea in the long run.

  • Rosie_Starr

    NFTs shouldn't exist. They are dangerous for our planet.

  • Destinyblade

    I'll jump to some other alternative to discord if NFT becomes a thing here

  • FranticFerret

    NFTs will drive me off Discord to the next best alternative, no matter how bad said alternative is.

  • otakutawagoto

    Anybody know any Discord alternatives we can hop to if these guys ever so much as sniff an NFT?

  • trashclown

    Guilded.gg's a fantastic alternative with many Nitro features being free - as long as you can deal with not having a search function.

    With no firm statement that Discord won't be integrating stupid Crypto garbage we can only assume they're waiting until the anger dies out. Not resubbing until a firm stance is made.

  • Quincy

    Cryptocurrency is killing the planet and NFTs are the stupidest thing I've ever heard of. ABSOLUTELY. DO. NOT. Engage with that crap. Or else risk losing over half your users. We'll find a better platform if you pull this crap; either that or we'll make our own. You need us more than we need you. Don't pull this crap, we're serious.

  • Tyfa

    i've already cancelled my nitro sub. nfts are murdering the environment and are literally just money-laundering. the planet shouldn't be killed for a quick buck and discord doesn't deserve a cent if it actively wants to kill the environment and by logical extension everyone living on earth.

  • Nat4

    Just cancelled my nitro preemptively, might leave the platform altogether if they add NFTs

  • tAlias

    allow me to phrase this in a way that you could perhaps understand


    NFTs are cringe

  • Axis Red

    Better idea: make Discord explicitly state that they'll NEVER support NFTs.

  • Shroopy

    Absolutely do not implement NFTs, they are destroying the planet and are a complete scam. I will never pay for discord nitro if this is implemented.

  • ProfPistachio

    If discord adds any sort of NFT / crypto integrations, even as a "test", I will cancel my Nitro subscription.

  • kongg

    "make the world a better place by destroying the enviroment and giving discord users's data to crypto companies"

  • [NT] kle0n

    All you NFT haters NGMI. Learn and actually research what DAOs are and what Proof of stake is before bashing on crypto and NFTs you clueless smallbrains

  • effleurager

    Oh dear. whatever shall we do? We cannot fathom existing without [making it] – the FOMO alone is too daunting!

  • [NT] kle0n Hey, miserable lonely person, do you really want people to destroy the enviroment for a token that says they "own" a piece of stolen art?

  • [NT] kle0n

    @SpoopyVirgil (ƒ𝓞𝓇gσ丅𝐭Ⓔ𝓝 FʳIᵉⓝđ) hey there wannabee "woke" ignoramus, how about you research before spewing your uneducated vomit online? now go play candy crush and watch the news.

  • pupu

    NTFs are MLM scam and should not be included in Discord. They are harmful for enviorement and all over are a bad idea.

  • Osirustwits

    NFT is code standard for a token.
    Anyone who builds discord bots knows you are already using NFTs in a basic way.
    This would no different than private servers selling access to their discord.

    You can already build web3 into your bot as for displaying the picture you can do that yourself.

    What would be the benefit of making this easy for everyone to do? I think we just become overloaded with NFT server groups even more


  • ricorodrigues


  • MadChillin

    nfts give me nightmares~ 

    that ugly monkey one

    nobody likes the monkey one


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