Would like to see stickers added to Nitro Classic


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  • Blurpington Blarpington

    I would love this, let this be a feature

  • Brain Flooder

    Ye I like it too. It's feel like new features are Nitro Boost only. It make Nitro Classic kinda bad and if you want good features, you will need to pay 2x price.

  • lisdexamfetamine

    This is true, locking a similar feature behind a pay wall twice as high is silly. And while your at it, maybe add animated stickers if a server gets enough boosts? Just a thought.


    This is indeed very unnecessary and unfair. I support this. 

  • Aaron_Five5

    I was exactly thinking about something similar, but it was rather about profile customisation.
    I was thinking it was kinda unfair/a bad choice to separate animated profiles pictures for both subscriptions, but only let banners for the full subscription? And I thought it'd go well if all chat perks and profile customisations would all be in the classic and the full subscriptions.

  • Aurani

    We Classic users have supported Discord for years (at least I have), we pay an additional $2 per month, and yet we can't get global stickers when Basic gets access to them? Feels like we're getting punished for showing our support.


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