Keep calm, this is a loud minority attacking you for NFT implementation. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


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  • frostali

    ok cultist

  • Echo™ (Matt)

    Nah bruh, get out of here with that NFT stuff.

  • MysticTurtle47

    Do you even know what NFTs are? In my experience a lot of crypto dudes don't, if for no other reason than they'd probably have an aneurysm or something if it really sank in that they're spending millions on a hyperlink to a jpeg. Like, not even an actual image. A link to it. And the images in question are usually butt-ugly as well. 

  • misha

    I'm not on Reddit, I've had Nitro for ages, and your assumptions are false. Furthermore, crypto is a bubble. Do you know what a bubble is? Something seems very exciting and lucrative, and a bunch of people rush in--and then the bubble pops, the value of that thing falls, and people are left with worthless assets. If I wanted to pay money for a record of ownership, I'd go to CVS and get a giant receipt.

  • YopAlonso

    Minority, hah.

    If anything, the people who are pro scams and stuff are the same 6 people I've seen within 7 pages of Nitro cancellation posts here in the Support forums. We who oppose (which we have valid, researched and informed reasons to do so) are not the minority here.

  • turtleoogway

    I hate to break it to you, but NFT-supporters are the vocal minority here.

    As is made clear by the number of votes on various posts, those against are much more numerous than those in favor of NFT integration.

  • howlite_prince

    i cannot wait to add you to the list of cryptobros taking fat Ls.

  • Uragaeshi

    I'm literally a day 1 Nitro supporter, I hate reddit, and yet here I am, cancelled my Nitro subscription because I actually know how crypto works - I've read the bitcoin whitepaper around 2012, I even bought some crypto years ago, but I see how destructive it is now - so I do not wish to support a company that enables that.

  • Tangle

    there is so much to unpack with your post, OP, but lmao imagining that this many people are all reddit users? get over yourself, nobody I know uses it and we all hate this

    the wind farm thing? holy shit, your head must be in your small intestine by now. wake up to the real world and get off this currency conspiracy shit, crypto is garbage and NFTs hold no sustainable value. cry and lay down, the adults are talking.

    also a day 1 nitro supporter cancelling to send a message. I've had crypto before, made money off it, and after learning more about it I no longer support it. you know, like someone who thinks.

  • vince94

    There's a reason email scams are spelled so poorly, it's to weed out people who'll realize its a scam and won't pay up. I wonder why all NFTs look like character creators on old flash games? :D


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