[Suggestion] Automatic/manual archiving of threads


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  • Jesse.

    If you never want to have it archived.. make a channel? lol. 

  • Draco18s

    Jesse: channels serve an entirely different purpose than threads.

    Channels are immediately listed in the channel list and having too many means people can't find what they want.

    In a server I help moderate (related to Stable Diffusion) we have a single channel for "How To" which links out to other places (this channel contains a single post and no one has permissions to post in it, same as a "rules" channel). One of those links directs people to the *thread* in the Tips and Guides *forum* on how to use the stable diffusion Google colab.

    Guess what we have to unarchive every week?

    The how to use Google colab thread.


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